Garde Robe: Joshua Newman

Joshua Newman

23 y.o
Instagram: @jesusizanigga
Artist & Blogger: Sapé

“I started drawing when I was four years old. My dad drew a mural of Princess Jasmine kissing Aladdin on her balcony, in my room. I tried to copy that same drawing countless times, and that’s motivated me to continue. A few years ago, I started working in fashion as a model and soon enough my wardrobe expanded. So I started my blog Sapé where I post some of my illustrations as well as my favorite outfits.”

“J’ai commencé à dessiner lorsque j’avais quatre ans. Mon père avait dessiné sur mon mur, la princesse Jasmine sur son balcon qui embrassait Aladin. Pendant un moment, j’ai essayé de reproduire le dessin et c’est ce qui m’a donné l’envie de continuer. Il y a quelques années, je suis rentré dans le milieu de la mode en tant que modèle et au fur et à mesure mon dressing s’est développé. J’ai donc créé mon blog Sapé ce qui m’a permis de mettre en avant mes illustrations ainsi que mes looks préférés.”


Joshua Newman is not only the fashion blogger behind Sapé, he is also a talented artist. Here are a few illustrations from his instagram & blog.









© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie

Garde Robe: Valentine Martin

Valentine Martin

20 y.o
Instagram: @valentinemrtn

“I don’t have a particular style but I like experimenting. For example, I have this crepe black cape with shoulder pads so it looks very chic but at the same time pretty wacky.”

“Je n’ai pas vraiment de style particulier mais j’aime bien mélanger les genres. Par exemple, j’ai une cape noire crêpe avec des épaulettes qui fait très chic mais en même temps assez décalé.”




© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie

WIWTW: Classy Stripes ft. Sidney Lafrontiere

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

This week, Sidney and I wanted to wear stripes for an evening outside. A striped garment is usually called a marinière in French (tr: sailor) and it is worn as casual attire. Though we had no particular event to attend, we didn’t want to dress down so we decided to dress up our outfits.

Event/Occasion: Evening stroll
Lipstick (mine, obviously): Lasting Finish Matte #112 by Kate Moss

Sidney dressed up his outfit by focusing on white. He decided to wear a crisp white grandad collar shirt from Zara and dressed it down by rolling up the sleeves. Usually, grandad collars are buttoned up to the neck, but Sidney left the collar unbuttoned to change things up. His striped shorts from New Look were rolled up at the bottom so that they wouldn’t look simple. It’s pretty hard to dress up a pair of striped shorts during the summer, so he went for his white Nike sneakers to go with his shirt. Finally, Sidney wore a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses that pulled the outfit together.

Like Sidney’s style? Follow him on Instagram for more fashion tips, street style pictures & music: @sidnizz

I dressed up my outfit with accessories because I focused more on black. I wore a flared striped skirt from Pimkie to match Sidney’s striped shorts. Then I paired the skirt with a plain black t-shirt from H&M and I tied a knot at the bottom, turning it into a crop top. I added a black wool hat from Nasty Gal to embellish my outfit with a lovely pair of black slip-ons I bought from Asos. As a final detail, I wore my minimal gold arrow necklace from H&M.

To get Sidney’s look, check these out:

Sunglasses: $130.00 at Ray-Ban
Shirt: $25.99 at Zara
Shorts: $22.50 at Brooke Brothers
Sneakers: $85.00 at Nike

To get my look, check these out:

Hat: $58.00 at Nasty Gal
Top: $14.00 at Brandy Melville
Skirt: €15.99 or $17.34 at Pimkie
Shoes: $55.00 at Asos
Necklace: $4.99 at H&M

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Garde Robe: Oryane Pointet

Oryane Pointet

20 y.o
Instagram: @oryanep

“I like drawing my own clothes. I have friends that know how to sew and I know a few seamstresses that can make some of my creations. It’s just that I like to be original and not wear clothes that everybody else has.”

“J’aime bien dessiner mes propres vêtements. J’ai des amis qui savent coudre et je connais quelques couturiers qui peuvent réaliser mes créations. C’est juste le fait d’avoir un style original, propre à moi plutôt que d’acheter des pièces que tout le monde porte.”





© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie

How to re-style a Bridesmaid dress into a Date outfit!

Hey guys! As you know, it’s wedding season: everybody is getting married these days! The other day, I was watching 27 Dresses and realized that I’ve never been a bridesmaid before (I’ve been to quite a few weddings though). I really want to be a one guys, hint hint to all my friends, I will be your bridesmaid!

While I was watching Katherine Heigl jump from wedding to wedding, I decided to choose a bridesmaid dress from Weddington Way‘s new bridesmaid collection and restyle it into the perfect summer date outfit. I absolutely LOVE this idea because like Jane from 27 Dresses always says: “You can always shorten it and wear it again!”

Here’s the first outfit that I restyled using Weddington Way‘s Dessy 2894 bridesmaid dress in Claret. If my man decided to take me to the Opera for a romantic evening, I would definitely wear this.

Weddington OutfitBridesmaid Dress: Dessy 2894 by Weddington Way
Evening Clutch by Givenchy
Heels: Iriza by Christian Louboutin
Earrings: ‘Mano’ Shark’s Tooth Stud Earrings by ki-ele
Dogeared Pendant Necklace by Neiman Marcus
Arm cuff: Miss Havisham Liquid Oversized Wave Cuff Bracelet by Alexis Bittar
Ring: Art Youth Society Triangle Gold by Jades 24
Lipstick: NARS Red Lizard Semi Matte Lipstick by NARS Cosmetics

The second outfit that I restyled by using Weddington Way‘s Sophia bridesmaid dress in Mint is something I’d wear to a Sunday brunch with my girlfriends.

Weddington Outfit 2Bridesmaid Dress: Sophia by Weddington Way
L de Lancel by Lancel
Heels: Nude Mid-heel sandals by Kurt Geiger
Earrings: Monet Mint White Stone Button Stud Earrings by JC Penney
Necklace: Crystal Branch Necklace by Oscar de la Renta
Sunglasses: The Lola Oversized Sunglasses by Bobbi Brown
Lipstick: NYX Round Lipstick by Rea

And there you have it, two ways to re-style your bridesmaid dress this summer!

Garde Robe SPECIAL EDITION: Hip Hop event by RATCHET LAB


Every year, World Music Day is celebrated on June 21st, which is also the first day of summer. This time, we attended RATCHET LAB‘s Hip-Hop event in Lyon. The music was great and we had an amazing time dancing to the talented DJ’s such as Hologram Lo’, KYU ST33D, MiKiX The Cat, CIUCCI, OTTO BELL, Cimer, UJO and Lutēce.

Here’s our selection of the best street style outfits from the Hip-Hop event.


Chaque année, la fête de la musique tombe le premier jour d’été, c’est-à-dire le 21 juin. Cette année, nous avons assisté à l’Open-Air Hip-Hop organisé par RATCHET LAB à Lyon. La musique était top et les DJ nous ont enjaillé, notamment Hologram Lo’, KYU ST33D, MiKiX The Cat, CIUCCI, OTTO BELL, Cimer, UJO et Lutēce.

Garde Robe vous présente les meilleures tenues street style de l’évènement Hip-Hop.

Sydonie N.

24 y.o

Instagram: @wndrflstage

Sydonie N. (Instagram @wndrflstage & blog)

Dalhia M.

19 y.o

Instagram: @dalhia_mulumbachampion

Dahlia M. 19 ans - Instagram @dalhia_mulumbachampion

DJ Astha K.

30 y.o
Instagram: @astha_konate
Facebook: You Are Unik

Astha K. 30 ans (Instagram & blog)

Guy P.

24 y.o
Instagram: @bluemustachofficiel
Creator of brand: Blue Mustach

Guy P. 24 ans (Instagram @bluemustachofficiel & website)

Joce S.

25 y.o
Instagram: @jocetgod

Joce S. 25 ans (Instagram @jocetgod)

Wilfried E.K.

25 y.o
Twitter: @wilfried_ek
Instagrams: @bledardise & @wilfried_ek
Creator of brand: Bledardise

Wilfried E.K. 25 ans (Instagrams & Twitter @wilfried_ek & @bledardise)

Laï-la B.

25 y.o
Twitter: @ichbinlailani

Laï-la 25 ans

Youri D.

22 y.o
Instagram: @woteust

Youri D. 22 ans (Instagram @woteust)

Zalfa Fraise

22 y.o
Instagram: @zalfa_fraise
Music Page on Facebook: Zalfa Fraise

Zalfa Fraise 22 ans - Instagram & Facebook

Arnaud L. and Mathilde A.

25 y.o & 23 y.o
Stylists and Designers
Instagrams: @arnaud_leynaud & @mathilde_allemoz

Arnaud L. 25 ans & Mathilde A. 23 ans (Instagrams & business cards)




© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie

WIWTW: Summer Blue

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

I’ve been pretty sick for the past few weeks so I didn’t get the chance to post any new outfits. (Which is a good thing, because I was too comfortable wearing pajamas all day/everyday.)

You know that feeling you get when you need to make up for all the ugly you looked like during the time you were sick? Well I got that feeling this week, because for the first time in a forever, I was going out!


Event/Occasion: Clubbing
Lipstick: Afghan Red Satin Lipstick by Nars

There are some trends that seem to popping up from 2012, like bustier tops or bouffant shorts. I wanted to bright summer colors so I wore my blueish-purple bustier crop top from H&M. Because it was a stifling 39°C (102°F) outside, I had to wear a light pair of shorts like these ones from Forever 21. This navy blue pair of high-rise bouffant shorts are really light and gives me a curvier silhouette.


The little gold zipper matched my gold and black clutch from Aldo. Not only do I love the gold detail, its size is also perfect for clubbing: it holds your phone, cash and your ID card. I finished off the look with beige high heels from Glaze, matching the small yellowish-beige detail on my bustier top.

To get my look, check these out:

Bustier top: $17.95 at H&M
Bouffant shorts: $50.74 at Asos
Heels: $36.99 at Glaze
Clutch: $40.00 at Aldo

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Garde Robe: Janelle D.

Janelle D.

21 y.o

“Music really influences my wardrobe; I listen to a lot of techno from Berlin or from the UK. Their techno venues are pretty underground so people have a crazy yet dark sense of style.”

“La musique influence énormément mon style; j’écoute beaucoup de techno, que ça soit de Berlin ou du Royaume-Uni. Ce sont des milieux assez underground dans lesquels les gens ont des styles assez poussés et dark.”





© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie

Garde Robe: La Paire

Sidney Lafrontiere and Fabrice F.

21 y.o & 21 y.o

Instagram: @sidnizz & @pepooz

“Fab has a lot of charisma, that’s his personality. The vibes that he gives off are what makes everything look good on him. He’s not afraid to try new things; I’ve always liked that about him.”
“What I like the most about Sidney’s style is that whatever he wears, he wears it well. He can put together any outfit while blending  styles, colors and trends from different eras.”

“Fab a un vrai charisme, c’est sa personnalité. Tout ce qu’il dégage qui fait que tout lui va. Il ose; j’ai toujours apprécié ça chez lui.”
“Ce que j’aime le plus dans le style de Sidney, c’est que peu importe ce qu’il porte, il réussit à bien l’assembler tout en mélangeant les styles, les époques et les couleurs.”


Sidney Lafrontiere (co-founder of Garde Robe) and Fabrice F. better known as La Paire are a French rap duo based in Lyon. To listen to their music, check out their Soundcloud below.





© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie