WIWTW: Chic Autumn Colors

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

This week’s outfit is actually from two weeks ago because I’ve been pretty busy with an exciting collaboration between Garde Robe and Hof Nation (Hip-Hop Events & Music company) based in Lyon. As soon as it’s done, I’ll be sure to show you guys what we came up with!

So two weeks ago, Sidney and I got to do an 80’s inspired photoshoot with the lovely Solène A. and I didn’t really have anything to wear (even though I wasn’t in any of the pictures, just taking them). When I have nothing to wear, I mean that I have a lot of random clothes in my closet that don’t go together. And then I finally found this:


Event/Occasion: 80’s photoshoot
Lipstick: Sephora R02 Courtisane in dark red mixed with black eyeliner

I never got the chance to wear this beautiful blazer from Pimkie because I bought it during the summer (it was too hot) and then forgot about it. I love the detailed red/yellow/brown print because it reminds me of Autumn leaves and compliments my burgundy hair. Also, a friend of mine pointed out that I’m matching the Saint Jean-Baptiste Cathedral behind me.

I knew I was going to wear my black wedged heels from Qupid so I decided to wear my dark blue jeans from Zara. I LOVE these heels so much because they are so comfortable I wore them on cobblestone! I hate wearing heels even though they make my legs look nice because they’re just so painful to walk in. These are an exception (they’re wedged) and they’re also great quality (I’ve had them for a couple of years now and wear them quite often).

And I just wanted to point out that my hair is super cute.

To get my look, check these out:

Blazer: $29.90 at Forever 21
Jeans: $49.90 at Zara
Wedged Heels: $15.00 at Qupid

What My Make-Up Table Looks Like


Just in case you were wondering:

Lady Million perfume by Paco Rabanne
Cover Girl “Professional” Loose Powder
Kiko “Color Veil” 05 Blush
Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation
Givenchy Water-proof Mascara
Kiko eyeliner
Eyeko Eyebrow Mascara
Kiko Lip Base Primer
Sephora R02 Courtisane Lipstick
Kiko Foundation Sponge
Smashbox Blush & Lip Brushes
Sephora Eyebrow Kit “Midnight Brown”
Random Earrings

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Garde Robe: Taotao Ma

Taotao Ma

25 y.o
Instagram: @__peaaach__

“I usually get inspired by checking out the latest fashion trends! I’m a personal shopper and stylist so I like all sorts of styles and I change-up my look pretty often.”

“J’ai l’habitude de regarder les actualités de mode pour m’inspirer! Je suis personal shopper et styliste donc j’aime toute sorte de styles et je change souvent de look.”



© Sidney Lafrontiere & Zahra Louise-Julie

Garde Robe: Julien LT.

Julien LT.

23 y.o
Instagram: @Julienlethoai


“I come from a hip-hop background, that’s what inspires me the most. I like to mix hip-hop with classic pieces like a trench coat or a pair of designer shoes. Like my very good friend would say, dress to express, not to impress.”

“Je viens du milieu hip-hop, c’est de là que je puise mon inspiration. Je mélange mon look hip-hop avec des pièces plus classes comme un trench, ou une paire de chaussures design. Un de mes plus chers amis dit qu’il faut “s’habiller pour s’exprimer et non pour impressionner.”



© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie

Garde Robe SPECIAL EDITION: Hip Hop event #2 by RATCHET LAB


This Sunday, we got to go to RATCHET LAB‘s outdoors Hip-Hop concert. Here’s our selection of the best street style outfits from the event!

Dimanche, Garde Robe s’est rendu à l’Open Air Hip-Hop organisé par RATCHET LAB lors de la Journée Dialogue sur l’Art. Voici les meilleures tenues street style de l’évènement!

Irène F.

  17 y.o – @jiinsiil_

“Spontaneous, tomboyish, artistic and classy.”

“Spontané, garçon manqué, artistique et classe.”

Marie G.

16 y.o


“I have a soft, second-hand-shop, recycled style.

“Mon style est soft, très récupéré dans le friperies et recyclé.”

Laurent C.

24 y.o – @wiggas_


“For me, art and music goes hand in hand, and my style reflects that.”

“Je relie l’art à la musique, et mon style le reflète.”

Morgane L.

23 y.o – @duchessemun



Sarah M. & Charlène Z.

20 y.o & 21 y.o – @saarah_mb & @chazadig

Sarah & Charlène

“Vintage & Hip-Hop.”

Lucas C. & Fred B.

20 y.o & 23 y.o – @lucas_brazileiro & @sawamoura

Lucas & Fred

“Free Guwop.”

Mélissa J. & Erika A.

19 y.o & 18 y.o – @evstco & @_ealvs

Melissa & Erika

“Urban & Chic.”


 And you, how would you define your style?

Et vous, comment définirez-vous votre style?



© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie

Garde Robe: Solène A.

Solène A.

18 y.o
Instagram: @sue_side

“My style is very much inspired by the 80’s. I buy a lot of my clothes at thrift shops and I’m always wearing rings and scrunchies. I love everything about that era: the decorations, fashion and even people’s personalities at the time!”

“Mon style est plutôt inspiré des années 80. Je m’habille souvent en friperie et je porte toujours des bagues et des scrunchies. J’aime tout de cette époque: la déco, la mode et même la personnalité des gens!”




© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie

Garde Robe: Jason Matanda

Jason Matanda

19 y.o
Instagram: @_frenchype

“I like adding small, unique details to my outfits so that I stand out. I get my inspiration from dandy fashion and Mariano Di Vaio, an actor/blogger on Instagram!”

“J’aime rajouter le petit détail qui sort de l’ordinaire pour me différencier. Je m’inspire beaucoup du style dandy et de l’acteur/blogueur Mariano Di Vaio sur Instagram!”




© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie

Rosa Novias Bridal & Special Occasion Dresses Collab

Hey guys! So let me start off with a disclaimer: I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED (at least in the very near future), this is a sponsored collaboration with Rosa Novias , an online bridal shop that sells beautiful wedding dresses, bridal party dresses and even special occasion dresses (prom, quinceñera, etc.).

If you haven’t found the perfect wedding dress for this season or even your homecoming gown, Rosa Novias is the best place to start.


I’ve always loved dressing up, weddings, and proms because when I was about five, I thought I was going to be a princess when I grew up. Turns out, I’m a princess on the inside and I don’t have the first penny to look like one on the outside. So when I need to find an outfit for a special occasion to attend, I look for three things:

-Affordable Prices

Rosa Novias, believe it or not has all three! I’ve visited tons of prom/wedding websites (when I was looking for my prom dress a few years ago) and I honestly had a hard time finding a beautiful dress with a cheap price tag.

Here’s some of the most beautiful dresses I’ve come across:

Wedding Dresses

I’ve always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, so anyone who knows me knows that I would want to make an entrance with the fanciest dress I can find.




Bridesmaid Dresses

I don’t understand why some brides want their bridesmaids to wear ugly dresses. All of my close friends are gorgeous and stylish so I would never get away with that. Fortunately, Rosa Novias has some beautiful bridesmaid dresses!




Mother of the Bride/Groom Dresses

My mom looks great anywhere she goes, because she likes to dress up and she has really long stunning legs. I know that if my sister or I get married, she’d wear something as elegant as these gowns.




Prom/Homecoming Dresses

I’ve always thought that prom or homecoming dresses should be floor-length unless it’s not your graduating year. Rosa Novias has a huge selection of special occasion dresses in all shapes and sizes for low prices.




Like what you see? For more dresses, check out Rosa Novias’ website: http://www.rosanovias.com.au/

Follow Rosa Novias on Pinterest & Facebook for more inspiration:

Pinterest-logo fb-art

WIWTW: Black, White & Red + What’s in my Bag?

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

This week is going to be another week of classes so I might as well be ready with my newly found burgundy hair. Also, I came across this cute fashion blog SINACHI and so far I love everything she posts (ootds, make-up tips, fashion trends) and more! SINACHI inspired me to show you What’s In My Bag (later in this post) because I feel that I should be allowed to share the cute & useful accessories that I carry around as well.

Event/Occasion: University
Lipstick: Sephora R02 Courtisane in dark red mixed with black eyeliner

DSC_0065It’s getting cooler outside, so I needed to look cool. Jk, I was so cold that I had to rummage through my winter wardrobe for a nice sweater. I didn’t look for long, because I found this adorable white sweater that I got as a gift (I honestly don’t know where it’s from). It says “Hakuna Matata B*tches” which I found funny, but inappropriate so I covered the mean word with my braids all day long. I censor my own clothes, yes, but only because I really like how comfortable and light this sweater is.

I added a pair of black dress pants from New Look because I felt like looking smart for a smart class like “Shakespeare and the English Renaissance”. I love these trousers because they’re light, comfortable and very sophisticated. Pairing a white sporty sweater with black trousers creates a minimalist look. Since I’ve had burgundy hair, I’ve realized that I can’t wear a lot of bright colors (I’ve been mostly wearing black, white and grey) so this was the perfect simple look.

Finally, I wore my favorite pair of white sneakers from Pull & Bear and this cute clutch that Sidney got me from Galerie Lafayette.


To get my look, check these out:

Sweater: $12.80 at Forever 21
Pants: $39.90 at Zara
Clutch: $66.00 or 59.00 at Galerie Lafayette
Sneakers: $40.74 or £25.99 at Pull & Bear

What’s In My Bag?

Good question, sometimes I don’t even know!



River Island wallet
Samsung phone (with bae as the background)
Scrunchie (what a weird word???)
Kiko Velvet Mat Satin lipstick #611
Kiko lip base primer (my lipstick lasts 10x longer!)
Yves Rocher coconut chapstick
Hand sanitizer
Jergen’s hand cream
Chanel perfume sample (ask for a sample of your favorite perfume at any beauty shop!)
Sephora Deodorant Spray & Fresh Breath Mint Spray (desperate measures for desperate times)
Earphones (held with a paperclip so they don’t tangle)

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Garde Robe: Alyssia Doumbé

Alyssia Doumbé

21 y.o
Instagram: @alyssiadmb
Blog: http://venuspieces.blogspot.fr/

 “I would say that my style is pretty urban chic. I like wearing basic pieces and embellishing them with little accessories like customized sneakers, for instance.”

“Je dirais que mon style est plutôt urban chic. J’aime porter des pièces basiques et ensuite les agrémenter avec des petits accessoires, par exemple, des baskets customisées.”


© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie

Garde Robe: Emilie Ducors, Rebecca Cognet and Onaë Vaga

Emilie Ducors

17 y.o
Instagram: @er.ance

Emilie (3)

“I get pretty inspired by the 90’s because I like to wear grunge clothes. I usually buy them in second-hand shops.”

“J’ai un style plutôt grunge/années 90. Je m’inspire beaucoup de l’époque donc je m’habille surtout dans les friperies.”

Rebecca Cognet

17 y.o
Instagram: @bkbook

Rebecca (3)

“I consider myself a tomboy so I get quite inspired by menswear. I’m actually looking for a suit that I can wear with nothing but a bralette underneath.”

“Je me considère vraiment comme une fille garçon-manqué donc je m’inspire beaucoup de la mode masculine. Justement je cherche un costard pour rien mettre en dessous sauf un bandeau pour couvrir la poitrine.”

Onaë Vaga

17 y.o
Instagram: @vagabnde

Onaë (10)
“My style changes quite a lot and so does my hair color. (I used to have purple hair!) I usually check out American or Japanese bloggers on Lookbook for inspiration. I also follow models like Charlie Barker, Elizabeth Jane Bishop and Sita Abellan on Instagram.”

“Je change souvent de style de vêtements et même de couleur de cheveux. (J’avais les cheveux violets avant!) Je vais souvent sur Lookbook pour m’inspirer des américaines ou de japonaises. Je m’inspire également de Charlie Barker, Elizabeth Jane Bishop et Sita Abellan sur Instagram.”

Together (5)




© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie