Garde Robe: Charly City Blog

Charlotte Bonnard

20 y.o
Instagram: @charlycityblog

charly city blog garde robe

“I started Charly City Blog so I could share my passion for fashion. I like to share outfit ideas, my favorite trends, beauty tips, travels, food and great deals. But mostly, I started blogging to be able to talk to other people who are just as passionate as I am!”

“J’ai commencé Charly City Blog pour pouvoir partager ma passion : la mode. Donner des idées de looks, montrer des nouvelles tendances qui me plaisent, parler de beauté, voyages, nourriture, bons plans et surtout échanger avec des personnes qui sont autant passionées que moi!”

charly city blog garde robe

charly city blog garde robe


© Sidney Lafrontiere & Zahra Louise-Julie

WIWTW: How to wear a Maxi Dress

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

I was supposed to publish this blog post three weeks ago, when it was hotter, when I was younger and when I forgot winter was coming. Disclaimer: I’m not insane. I would never wear this right now, when it’s -5°C (23°F) outside. I just really really like this dress so I’m sharing it with you.

breakfast with the beatles

Event/Occasion: Hip-Hop Club
Lipstick: Precision Lip Pencil #304 in Mauve by Kiko Milano

I love being “long”. I can’t really call myself tall, because I’m 1m70 (5ft5) but my legs are exactly one meter (5 feet) long. So I’m a “long” person, and I like it because I can get away with wearing maxi dresses and not look like a witch.

A few weeks ago, I went to a hip-hop event at this club called Petit Salon (which literally means “little living room”) so I wore a beautiful black maxi dress I bought from Forever 21 with my fave white sneakers from Pull & Bear. I don’t care what people say about their quality, Forever 21 is the absolute bomb, especially their Contemporary collection (also called Love 21). That section is so trendy, I spent about an hour and a half in the store when I went to Paris. Forever 21 is the type of store where I’m sure to walk out with at least two things I love, including these cute glasses:

breakfast with the beatles

breakfast with the beatles

Can you believe they were only $5.90 ?!

To get my look, check these out:

Dress: $29.90 at Forever 21
Sunglasses: $5.90 at Forever 21
Sneakers: £25.99 or $40.74 at Pull & Bear

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Garde Robe: Doriane Orfeuvre

Doriane Orfeuvre

18 y.o
Instagram: @xnrfvr

garde robe

“I usually do most of my shopping online. I like Asos and Forever 21 because their collections are very contemporary and minimal and that’s pretty much what I wear. Most of the time I wear all-black outfits with natural tones like camel, grey and white.”

“Je fais souvent mon shopping sur Asos ou encore Forever 21. Ils ont des collections très contemporaines et minimalistes qui me ressemble. La plupart du temps, je porte du noir avec une touche de couleurs sobres comme le camel, gris ou blanc.”

garde robe



© Sidney Lafrontiere & Zahra Louise-Julie

Garde Robe: Bonne Enfant

Bonne Enfant

Instagram: @bonneenfant
Facebook: Bonne Enfant

Bonne Enfant is a Parisian dance crew that create their own clothes and inspire others everyday through their passion.

Bonne Enfant est un groupe de danse ainsi que de créateurs de mode. Ils inspirent leur entourage au quotidien , grâce à leur passion.



Instagram: @marianatlks

“My style is very vintage from the 90’s. My wardrobe is pretty much inspired by pictures of my mother because she would wear a lot of colorful structures pieces.”

“J’ai un style très vintage des années 90. Les photos de ma mère inspirent beaucoup ma garde-robe parce qu’elle portait beaucoup de pièces colorées et structurées.”

bonne enfant

Instagram: @zitagarnier

“I would describe my style in two words: poverty and anticonformity. I don’t really have the means to buy clothes from expensive brands, so I make my own original clothes that reflect my personality and fashion tastes.”

“Je définirai mon style en deux mots: pauvreté et originalité. Comme je n’ai pas forcément les moyens pour acheter des grandes marques, je crée mes propres vetements, des pièces hors du commun qui reflètent ma personnalité et mes goûts.”

bonne enfant

Instagram: @michelletsm_

“I get a lot of style inspiration from insects: I think that clothes are some sort of shell for our bodies (like snails). You can get inspired by so many different types of insects that come in all shapes and colors.”

“Les insectes inspirent mon style: pour moi, les vêtements sont comme une sorte de carapace (comme celles des escargots). Il y a toute sorte d’insectes dont on pourrait s’inspirer grâce à leurs formes et couleurs.”





© Sidney Lafrontiere & Zahra Louise-Julie

WIWTW: DONO Streetwear ft. Sidney

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

These past two weeks have been HECTIC which is why I haven’t posted a WIWTW post for a while. I got to go to Paris for a top-secret interview and ended up sight-seeing, spending time with my blogger friend Charly City Blog and met a group of dancers a.k.a the coolest kids in Paris (Garde Robe article coming soon!) This week’s outfit is entirely based on my new favorite t-shirt by DONO featuring Sidney Lafrontiere (co-founder of Garde Robe & my sweetheart) !


DONO is a new French brand name that sells limited edition t-shirts. They basically pay tribute to celebrities (athletes, musicians, etc) with rare or unique names. A bunch of American rappers like Keith Murray and Curtis Young (Dr. Dre’s son himself!) have worn their own t-shirts by DONO. When Sidney and I received ours, I was ecstatic:



Event/Occasion: Streetwear Photoshoot
Lipstick (mine obviously): “Diva” a.k.a the BEST LIPSTICK EVER by MAC

Anyone who knows me knows that Kendrick Lamar is not only my hip-hop bae, he is also just the best rapper I’ve ever listened to in my life. So DONO sent me a Kendrick (Compton) t-shirt in black. Sidney likes soccer (we call it “football” in the land of the French), so he received an Eljero Elia t-shirt in white. Who’s Eljero? He’s a Dutch football player who plays for Southampton (thanks Wikipedia, I don’t do sports).



Sidney decided to wear a navy blue bomber jacket from Galeries Lafayette to add an athletic edge to his crispy white t-shirt. On top of his Eljero shirt from DONO, he wore a black pair of jeans from Bershka and a pair of classy New Look combat boots.


I decided to go for a street look because Kendrick inspired me to pretend I’m from Compton. (I’m totally not, when I saw NWA: Straight Outta Compton, I couldn’t stop crying.) I wore this black bomber jacket from Galeries Lafayette over my black Kendrick Lamar (bae)’s t-shirt from DONO. I decided to wear my black jeans from New Look that I ripped myself (Mommy don’t roll your eyes at me) and a pair of simple white tennis shoes from Pull & Bear. To finish off the street look, I tied a plain grey sweater from H&M around my waist.


To get Sidney’s look, check these out:

Jacket: €119.00 or $127.82 at Galeries Lafayette Online
T-shirt: €25.00 or $26.85 at DONO
Jeans: £19.99 or $30.08 at New Look
Boots: $99.00 at Asos

To get my look, check these out:

Jacket: €100.00 or $107.42 at Galeries Lafayette Online
T-shirt: €25.00 or $26.85 at DONO
Ripped Jeans: £22.99 or $34.59 at New Look or do it yourself!
Sneakers: £25.99 or $40.74 at Pull & Bear

Like these t-shirts? Visit for more awesome celebrity names! Make sure you follow DONO on Instagram also, to see what the shirts look like on other people: @featuringdono.

Stay tuned for new outfits featured in What I Wore This Week by checking the Fashion section on my blog weekly :) ALSO, make sure you don’t miss out on Garde Robe, a project featuring multicultural street styles. Subscribe to Breakfast with the Beatles and Garde Robe by clicking on ‘Follow me by Email’ on the top right-hand corner of this page!

Garde Robe: FSKORP



FSKORP is a French streetwear brand that was created in 2011. Garde Robe had the chance to interview them while they showed us their new collection: “C.A.N.P” Craziest Are Normal People. Take a look!

Le label FSKORP, actif depuis 2011 dans le milieu du streetwear, nous a dévoilé sa nouvelle collection « C.A.N.P. » pour Craziest Are Normal People. Jetez-y un coup d’oeil!





Check out the rest of their collection on their website FSKORP CLOTHING and if you’re in Lyon this week, make sure you RSVP to their event this Friday (collaborating with NOWE Electric Tattoo)!

Pour visionner le reste de leur collection, rendez-vous sur leur site FSKORP CLOTHING et si vous êtes sur Lyon cette semaine, ne ratez pas leur évènement ce vendredi (en collaboration avec NOWE Electric Tattoo)!


Special thanks to ISSUE, an awesome streetwear sneakers shop! // Merci à ISSUE, boutique de baskets streetwear!

issue lyon



Instagram-logo-005 FSKORP CLOTHING

3572466-Globe-Glossy-Vector-Icon-Stock-Vector-logo-globe-earthFSKORP ONLINE


3572466-Globe-Glossy-Vector-Icon-Stock-Vector-logo-globe-earth ISSUE SHOP ONLINE


© Sidney Lafrontiere & Zahra Louise-Julie

Garde Robe After Dark

Garde Robe After Dark

This Halloween, Garde Robe decided to give you a front row seats to one of our most favorite photo shoots yet. Everyone who contributed did an absolutely fabulous job so we hope you enjoy our magical world we created “After Dark”.

Garde Robe vous présente en ce jour d’Halloween un de nos shootings préférés. Tous ceux qui ont contribué à ce projet ont fait un travail extraordinaire. Nous esperons que cet univers obscur que nous avons conçu “After Dark” vous plaira.


Make-up: Mélissa Jst
Models: Lamini Angel & Sarah Mk
Photographers: Sidney Lafrontiere & Zahra Louise-Julie

halloween make-up

halloween make-up

halloween make-up

halloween make-up

halloween make-up

halloween make-up

halloween make-up

halloween make-up

halloween make-up

halloween make-up

halloween make-up

halloween make-up

halloween make-up

For more pictures, check out our Facebook page Garde Robe!


© Sidney Lafrontiere & Zahra Louise-Julie

Garde Robe: Sarah Barbier

Sarah Barbier

19 y.o
Instagram: @_shhb_


“My wardrobe is very androgyneous. I get my inspiration from menswear, and I often wear large clothes. But I also wear heels a lot because I’m only 4ft.9!”

“Ma garde-robe est très androgyne. Je m’inspire du vestiaire masculin, et je porte souvent des pièces larges. Mais je porte souvent des talons comme je fais 1m51!”



© Sidney Lafrontiere & Zahra Louise-Julie

Garde Robe: Noëlla Leperlier

Noëlla Leperlier

24 y.o
Instagram: @noellaxleperlier

“My style simply reflects my state of mind. The fact that I’m open-minded is what makes my wardrobe a melting pot. But old school hip-hop is what characterizes me the most.”

“Mon style est tout simplement un état d’esprit. Mon ouverture d’esprit est ce qui fait que ma garde-robe est un mélange de plusieurs styles. Mais le hip-hop old school est ce qui me caractérise réellement.”




© Sidney Lafrontiere & Zahra Louise-Julie

Garde Robe: Djoly G.

Djoly G.

18 y.o
Instagram: @_nuancenoire



“I would say that my style is street-vintage; my outfits usually start off as a black ensemble that I wear with vivid colors like yellow or bright red.”

“Je dirais que mon style est street-vintage; mes tenues sont souvent à base de noir avec des couleurs assez toniques comme le jaune ou le rouge pétant.”



© Sidney Lafrontiere & Zahra Louise-Julie