All Things Bright and Beautiful

Owl City’s latest album, All Things Bright and Beautiful starts off with such an Owl-City-sounding song, “The Real World”. This song was a great choice to start off the album not only because of it’s energetic “time-to-wake-up-the-world” sound, but also because if you listen closer to the lyrics, you understand why Owl City seems to either be high, or writing sweet nonsense instead of lyrics. Okay, well he basically says, “Reality is a lovely place/But I wouldn’t wanna live there.” If you’re not living in reality, Adam Young, then where are you?
“The Real World” is then followed by the catchy “Deer in the Headlights”. My favorite part of the song is definitely the chorus.

After a few boring songs, comes the worst song I’ve ever heard after Cher Lloyd’s “Swagger Jagger”: Owl City’s “Kamikaze”. When I first heard it, I was like: “WHAT IS THIS!?” And I immediately pressed the next button.
A few more boring songs later, comes the beautiful “Plant Life” song, the last one on the album. I loved every single second of it, especially the last chorus. It was perfect, contrasting to the rest of the album.

So all in all, this album is unfortunately not worth buying; Ocean Eyes was much easier to listen to. However, I definitely suggest that you buy “Plant Life” by Owl City and if you’re curious, just go youtube “Kamikaze” and see what I’m talking about.


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