My Latest Review on Gossip Girl

For starters, for those of you who have not yet seen the latest episodes of Gossip Girl, go away and come back when you have.

Here’s the thing about GG: it NEVER ends. When a couple breaks up, there’s another one that hooks up. When somebody’s happy, SOMEBODY has to go and ruin it (most of time it’s Dan Humphrey).
One thing for sure is, there’s so much drama going on, we viewers don’t even care who the heck Gossip Girl is anymore.
I love this show, so I’m not gonna derp about it, but seriously, can anybody tell me WHY, just WHY are Dan & Blair together? I liked Blair much better when she was scheming away with Serena, role-playing with Chuck, ignoring Nate & hating Dan.
And Dan… as my sister once said: he looks like the type of guy that would smell.
I’ve always loved Blair: she’s sophisticated, has a great sense of fashion (at least she did before she started dating Dan – seriously guys!) and she is a BOSS at scheming. I’ve learned so much from her, it’s ridiculous.
Serena just looks tired these days. Tired of acting, tired of living, tired of being Gossip Girl, tired of being blond… just tired. It’s not even sexy anymore. It’s just tiring to see her so tired. Slowly, she’s become a boring character, and that’s scary.
As for Nate: since WHEN has he become so serious? (Homage to the Joker, “Why so serious?”) No, really? Just a season ago, he was Serena’s play thing, and now, he’s always in a boring suit, never takes his shirt off, and is head of aΒ journalism company – what?!
Chuck… oh dear Chuck. How I love you, Chuck Bass. Chuck is the only one, that has pretty much stayed the same, and I really really hope that Blair soon realizes what she’s missing. While she’s been wasting her time in Brooklyn with Lonely Boy, Chuck Bass has been going through a whole lot of crap with who his parents are. Though this may sound like ‘What a Girl Wants’, trying to find his dad and all, I like this sensitive & emotional side of Chuck.
Lily & Rufus’ split seemed completely unnecessary. I think that the writers of the show decided that it was time they broke up the boring old couple while they still can. No comment.
Lola… is one of my pet peeves. She is the WORST character by FAR, right before Jenny Humphrey & Juliette What’s-her-name. Her voice is nasal, she’s an amateur at everything, and is only creating more drama for everybody. Why is she related to Serena again?
And speaking of which, has anybody else noticed how Serena’s related to everybody somehow?
Chuck Bass was her step-brother at one point (maybe not anymore, seeing as Bart may not be his father, who was Lily’s ex-husband – talk about complicated), Dan Humphrey was her step-brother also when Lily married Rufus. Lola’s Serena’s half-sister-cousin-thing. Blair and Serena live together, so they’re practically sisters. And Nate.. well, maybe if Lily continued her husband-hopping she’d end up with prison-bound Mr. Archibald and give Serena another ex-boyfriend-step-brother-thing.

After all this ranting, don’t get me wrong, I love Gossip Girl. It’s interesting, it’s fashion-savvy, and girly filled with many hotties. I’m just very confused at this point.
I just have one last question though: Where the HECK is Eric van der Woodsen?! Do we even remember him? I think Lily once said he was in Africa.. (Really, Lily? These days everybody goes to Africa when they leave TV Shows.)


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