The Maxi Skirt Trend

So we all know that the coolest things either come from London or the 60’s.
Well there’s one exception to that, and that is maxi skirts.
Made popular in the 70’s, maxi skirts are the most comfortable pieces of clothing a girl could wear. Seriously, these things are the coolest: they’re elegant, they’re simple, they make your legs look longer, and they make you feel like you’re naked. Okay well almost.
But seriously, take a look at this:

Though I like the print and length of this maxi-skirt, my favorite maxi-skirt trend is the plain and simple uni-color skirt. They go with anything and are so easy to accessorize with.
Recently, I bought a black maxi that worked not only as a skirt but as a tubed top dress. Pairing up a uni-color outfit with a bright colored belt and jewelry is pretty much the perfect way to look as chill as you feel.

But out of all the maxi skirt looks, my favorite one has got to be the bandeau + maxi. It’s sexy, it’s classy and it looks like something Ivy Sullivan from 90210 would wear. However, I tried wearing this a couple of times, and thought it looked a bit daring, especially living in Dubai so I would suggest mainly wearing this outfit to the beach.

Anyway, I’m gonna stop rambling on about maxi skirts, but seriously, go buy one. I bought mine at H&M, but I heard there much nicer ones at Bershka, Forever 21 & Zara.


3 thoughts on “The Maxi Skirt Trend

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