I met the Beatles.

Okay fine, I didn’t. But today, I was in paradise! (Para-para-paradiiiseee..)
There was a “Hidden Gallery” being shown at the Mall of Emirates, in Harvey Nichol’s.
OMG. I felt like I was in a dream. I felt like I had just met them.
There were wax sculptures of the Fab Four on the first floor, like an unprofessional version of Madame Tussaud’s wax models. They looked so real though. It’s a good thing nobody was allowed to touch them, or I think I would have started bawling all over them.
I don’t know if anybody understands just how I felt when I saw them. They looked so alive, Β I was transported back to 1965. In fact, the whole time, my 382 Beatles songs were playing on my iPod.
And then the dream didn’t stop there. I went to the second floor, and there was a whole section called “The Cavern” (named after the Cavern that the Beatles performed in back in their early days) with all sorts of “Beatles” themed things. From coffee mugs to t-shirts to baseball caps to Yellow Submarine coloring books.. EVERYTHING.
And the last touch, the one that really took my breath away, was on the third floor, the actual hidden gallery: a never before seen collection of Beatles’ pictures in black & white. I was in awe in front of it all, I felt like bowing. It was a weird feeling, but after that, I felt so amazed, as if I just met them.

So yes, I met the Beatles in my dreams. Β And I hope one day I’ll get to meet Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr.

Anyways, ta-ta for now. I shall go watch “A Hard Day’s Night” and have a bowl of cereal.


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