The Cropped Top & Kentucky Derby Hats Trend

Good morning all you fashionistas of 2012. Today is another day when I’m thinking, “WHY wasn’t I born in like 1945 so I could grow up in the 60’s!?” But alas, I have something to cheer me up and I’d like to know your opinion on these:

Cropped Tops

Forever 21

I love the whole flowery pattern thing going on, and especially the fact that you can pair this top with anything. From jeans to shorts to mini skirts to maxi skirts, I think cropped tops are going to be a huge trend this summer.
My favorite look for it is of course the high waisted mini shorts, giving it a summer beachy feel. The only problem would probably be  for people with short torsos and long legs like me. If I wear a cropped top, it ends up reaching my waist – it wipes off the whole cropped look. Well I have a solution!
You just have to crop the shirt slightly higher. At first, you may think of it as an extremely raunchy look. But once you’ve cropped the top to an even shorter length, you can then pair it up with a maxi skirt or high waisted jeans and to your advantage, you’ll be showing off your long legs.


Kentucky Derby Hats a.k.a ‘The Horse Race Rich Peoples’ hats’


I LOVE these hats. They make me feel rich, like I’m about to go and bet on a horse or something. That’s why my friends and I have baptised it the “Horse Race Rich Peoples’ Hats”. Officially, I think they are modelled after ‘Kentucky Derby Hats’. You know when people from the country club and celebrities have nothing else to do with their time but to watch horses race, they wear these hats and go to Kentucky.
At least I think that’s how it works.
But anyway, hats are a great accessory, especially when you want them to be the center of your outfit. In that case, choose a bold statement hat such as this one:

Or if your outfit is already bold enough, try a simple & soft color like this:

And now for my favorite hat… I must buy it.



2 thoughts on “The Cropped Top & Kentucky Derby Hats Trend

  1. Cute! Definitely love these hats. Mine’s my best friend in the summer!
    I’m not sure if I’d be able to rock the crop top… maybe I should give it a whirl!
    Happy Derby Day!

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