Why you should make faces at children

I’m pretty sure when we were kids, our parents taught us not to make faces at other people – especially adults. Have you ever wondered why? They answer, “Because it’s rude.” But what if your face is naturally like that? Is it rude to look silly?
I for one, love making silly faces at people. When somebody’s trying to tell me something serious, or is getting mad at me, I make a silly face. But my favorite thing to do, is to make funny faces at children walking by you.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldΒ make faces at children:

1. Chances are, they’ll make one right back at you.

2. Chances are, they started it!

3. Children aren’t careful enough to make sure their parents aren’t watching while they make a face, but you are. So while you time your silly face so that their parents don’t see you grimacing at their child, they get in trouble for sticking their tongue out at you.

4. You have every right to be silly. No matter how old you are.

5. They usually don’t cry if you make a face, unless they’re already in a bad mood. In fact, most of the time, they don’t expect it at all. It surprises them so much that they give you this, “WTF?” face in disbelief.Β 

6. You can get away with it until they’re about nine years old. After that, they become tattle-tales or pre-teens (shudder).

7. If their parents catch you, make a face at them also, keep it permanent and tell them to stop making fun of you because that’s just how your face is.Β 

Actually, I’ve found that if child is behaving like a brat, whether they’re crying or being fussy, if you make a funny face at them, they stop their nonsense. They usually don’t laugh, but they stop and immediately calm down. They’re so confused that they feel that they should be the adult in the situation and just stare at you. But if they’re cool kids, they’ll make a face right back at you ;)


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