The Newspaper Nail Trend

Newspaper Nails !

This is one of my favorite nail polish trends. It’s one of those things where it’s so simple that it looks hard/expensive/annoying-to-try, but in fact, it’s really the opposite.

You will need:

-A light/nude/white/grey colored nail polish
-Clear nail polish for base coat and top coat
-Acetone/Nail Polish remover
-Cotton Swabs
-Rubbing alcohol. (You can find rubbing alcohol in drugstores, most supermarkets, and medicine cabinets.) If you don’t have rubbing alcohol, vodka works just as well!
-Small jar
-The Beatles’ playing on your iPod
First, turn on the Beatles’ music. This will relax you, put you in a good mood, and you know.. it’s just cool to paint your nails with the Beatles singing in the background.

Next, Apply a solid basecoat to protect your nails. Make sure to let it dry thoroughly.

Paint your nails in a light grey, nude, or light pink nail polish color. Let it dry thoroughly before doing the next step.

Pour a bit of rubbing alcohol into the cap or into a small jar and dip each nail into the rubbing alcohol for about 5 seconds each. You can also try dipping the newspaper in the alcohol instead of your fingers, sometimes this works better.

Take a small piece of newspaper. Press it firmly on your nail for a few seconds.
Peel it off carefully. You’ll find that the ink from the newspaper will be left behind.
You can also use the comics section, or even the horoscope symbols, anything printed on newsprint will work the same.

Get a cotton swab and some nail polish remover to clean up your nails.

Finally, apply a topcoat to your nails. This is needed because without it, the newspaper will rub off. It also gives your nail some extra shine.


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