Vegetarian Tortellini & Why I feel guilty.

Yeaaah, it’s one of those vegetarian recipes again, but you see, this is a guilt-ridden post.
Today, I had a horrible experience. You see, I was with some friends, starving, classes were over, and I decided for ONCE to have a Caeser Salad, something healthy, instead of  the usual chocolate muffin.

So I start eating my salad, and WHAT DO I TASTE!? CHICKEN. As soon as I realized what it was, I wanted to cry. I spat it out and started panicking. Inside my head, I was thinking, “Omg, omg… I almost swallowed it. It was in my mouth.” I felt sick.
You see, the thing is, I was so good at not eating meat, that when I actually had it in my mouth, I felt like I just ate fur. Yes, it was that disgusting. Not because the chicken was badly cooked or anything, in fact, before I became a vegetarian, I used to LOVE chicken.
I felt like I dirtied myself. Okay, I’m maybe being melodramatic about this whole thing, but SERIOUSLY!? Now I have to worry about meat in my salad???

My friends were like, “You know, Caeser Salad always has chicken in it!” And that’s the first time I’m hearing this, so still shocked over this chicken-situation, I was shaking my head, reflecting over what I had just done.
My friends are muslim so they explained to me that it was pretty much the same thing as if they ate pork by accident. They felt disgusted, but it didn’t mean they weren’t muslim anymore. Even if they swallowed it. Well you see, I didn’t actually swallow the chicken, so I didn’t eat it, but it was in my mouth. And now I feel guilty.

And now I’m posting this Tortellini recipe I found on Betty Crocker‘s website because I don’t understand why pasta has so many different names, because it looks good, and because I am apologizing to my body.


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