Things I’m overexcited about.

You know the feeling you get when you’re really looking forward to something, and you just can’t WAIT, and that one thing you’re looking forward to brightens up your day and puts you in a fantastic mood?
Just like when I’m upset, and I listen to the Beatles, I immediately feel happy, it’s the same thing when I’m looking forward to an event, or something happening, I get all jittery inside.

So, because I love lists, and I love being excited about random things, I’ve smartly decided to combine the two and give you a list of the things I’m overexcited about at the moment.

1) Getting my prom dress.
Because I ordered my prom dress at the last minute via Internet, I’m waiting impatiently for DHL to deliver it. I’ve been stalking the DHL tracking website for like forever and apparently, it’s been through China and Hong Kong, and now it’s in Dubai, with the delivery courier (whatever that means?!) so hopefully I’ll be getting it in the next 24 hours!
Update: I just got it!!!

2) Passing my Baccalaureat exams.
This is a bittersweet event for me. You see, I’m excited, because I want to finally get it over and done with and be like: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! But I’m also really stressed out and nervous about how it’s gonna go.
Update: I passed it with a “mention Assez Bien” which means that I got an above average score!! :)

3) Prom/Graduation.
Mostly because I want to wear my Prom dress. And also because it’s probably gonna be the last most epic night I’ll get to spend with my best friends before we all head out on summer vacation.
Update: I had prom & graduation yesterday (at my school, it’s the same event). It was amazing. After-prom was a bit of fail though.

4) Recording Why & Zee‘s first original song.
This is still up in the air at the moment, but we are 75% sure, that we will be recording our very first original song right after exams. As soon as we do, you’ll be the first to know!
Update: Yesterday, Why & Zee recorded our original song, “Man the Hippie” for the first time! :)

5) Summer Vacation.
My family is known for doing many things at the last minute, but that’s okay. You see, I don’t think I’ll know what I’m doing this summer until summer actually starts, and school’s out, and everybody’s gone. In a way, it sorta sucks, but I’m really excited to see what we’re planning. Ideally, I would like to go to Holland and visit my best friend like I did last year, then head to England for a bit (I may be attending my cousin’s wedding), then get a short-term summer job in Florida while visiting my family, and then moving to France (seeing all my friends and family there) and settling in my apartment.
Update: I stayed most of the summer in Dubai, but so far it’s been awesome. My best friend Lexi surprise-visited me, I went to Paris and then moved into my appartment in Lyon. Then I went to Platja d’Aro in Spain! :)

6) Moving into my apartment.
This will be the very first time I’ll be living on my own, and I’m soΒ excited. I love decorating, and moving in to new places (I’ve moved around so many times with my family), so I can’t wait to have a place of my own.
Update: Moved in!!!!

7) Blasting the Beatles in my apartment.
Yeah well my neighbors are just gonna have to SING ALONG or move, because I am SO gonna blast the Beatles and Loreena McKennitt and Iron & Wine.. :)
Update: Unfortunately, all my Beatles’ music was deleted off my hard-drive in the midst of my moving, so I had to re-download every single one of their songs!

8) College.
Another bittersweet event I’m looking forward to. I feel like I’m entering a whole new dimension, and I can’t wait to start college in a few months. However, I don’t even know what to expect as for work goes. I’m majoring in Psychology, so I can only imagine all the crap I’m gonna be asked to do.

9) Seeing the friends I haven’t seen in yeaaaarrrs.
When I go to France, about 80% of my childhood friends will be around where I’l be attending and I can’t wait to have a huge reunion with them all. Two of my best friends are going to be in the same city as me. One of them is going to the same university.
The others are scattered around France but most of them live about an hour or two away by train. PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

10) Getting a Job again.
I remember when I got my first real summer job, it was amazing. Three years ago, I was assistant manager in a supermarket, and I got to work with really cool people. My boss was really young, so it made things easier and it was a lot of fun working with people there.
I remember as soon as I had to go back to school, I was completely bummed because I hated it. Having a job was so much fun, and I felt like an adult.

I know that there’s some myth going around that when you became a college student, you become poor. However, I don’t totally believe that’s true. I’m pretty sure, from time to time, I’ll be able to treat myself to a shopping spree here, there and everywhere.
Update: I literally shopped ’til I dropped right before I left Dubai. It was AMAZING.

12) Putting my music on Youtube.
I’m actually just waiting for our band to record at least one original song, so we can film the recording session with my friend’s professional camera, and then upload it on Youtube. I refuse to sing over webcam, I want our first Youtube song to be an original, and to have great quality. I also can’t wait to see what people think of our music :)

13) Meeting the remaining Beatles.
I MUST meet Ringo Starr or Paul McCartney before the end of my life. My life will be complete if I meet one of them. And I would be SO mad if one of them dies before I have the chance to at least SHAKE one of their hands. I MUST, I MUST, I MUST. Though they are my least favorite Beatles, it’s 1000000x better than nothing.
Speaking of which, my dad made the darkest joke ever a few months back.
Dad: “How do you reunite the Beatles?”
Me, all excited because he’s talking about the Beatles: “HOW?!”
Dad: “By killing the other two.” TROLOLOL.
._. I am saddened.

14. I had to put a number ’14’ because I don’t like the number ’13’ and ’14’ is the double of ‘7’ which is my favorite number.
I’m basically excited about life, and what God has in store for me. I can’t wait to be able to just get out there, LIVE and start achieving my dreams :)
That sounded cheesier than Camembert.


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