TV characters I’d date

I watch so many teenage-audience TV Shows that it’d be ridiculous not to fall in love with at least one of these perfect young men. You see, they really are perfect, and that’s why they were chosen for the part. Haven’t you ever wondered: “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LI-I-I-I-FE?!” Like, are all the hot humans hiding in Hollywood? Maybe they’re from another planet…?! But I don’t see no hotties like these: not at my school like in 90210, or in my neighborhood like in Skins. I don’t see no vampire-werewolves like in Vampire Diaries. This post is a call out to all the hot stuff’s out there. COME LIVE WHERE NORMAL PEOPLE LIVE, you’ll have successful relationships and you might make us feel a bit better about ourselves.

So here’s a list of the top ten TV characters I’d date (not in order).

1) Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl
OF COURSE. It used to be Nate Archibald, but I’ve decided that his uselessness at the moment is turning me off.

2) Tyler from Vampire Diaries
I would love to be in Caroline’s place. You see, I find him even hotter than Damon because all these close-ups on Damon’s lovely eyes and crooked smile are now showing that he actually has aging signs, like wrinkles and stuff, so we know he’s 33.

 (Why is his nipple shining?!)

3) Austin from 90210
Again, even more than Liam, I would date Austin. Liam is a bit too perfect for my liking, and I’m not too fond of his pining over Silver anymore. I prefer when he used to be the guy who didn’t care about anybody. Austin however, is not only hot, he’s country and his personality is charming.

4) Maxxie from Skins (UK)
If only he weren’t gay, he’d be PERFECT to date. He’s blond, he can dance, he has amazing eyes.. and gaaaah… His voice *_*

5) Freddie from Skins (UK)
Because.. have you SEEN HIS LOOKS?! Just saying. ‘Nuff said.

6) Schmidt from New Girl
I actually love his personality more than his looks. However, I’d always be questioning if he’s just metrosexual or gay.

7) Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars
His eyes, and his smile… Just wow. And the fact that he’s a teacher makes him hotter.

8) Eric from True Blood
I think I have a thing for tall blonds. They’re just so Viking-like. (Maybe that’s because his character was originally a Viking.)

9) Dixon from 90210
I love the way he bites his lip when he’s excited for something. He really does have big lips. I like the fact that he’s a DJ, and his personality makes me smile.

10) John Lennon from the Beatles
Sorry, I just HAD TO. I know they’re not a TV Show, but seriously, I would totally date Johnny. Him or George!


2 thoughts on “TV characters I’d date

  1. Oh lalal eric de True blood c’est mn chéri :P <3 je me rappelle c'etait mn prefere n.2 apres Adam levine :P haha

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