The Messy Side Braid Trend

You know how all these long haired girls look amazing with their “messy” side braids? Well guess what? Not only they’re not really that messy (they actually make it look messy, so they’re cheating) but you can do it also. It’s really really easy.
And yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m actually really jealous, because I have shoulder-length curly/nappy hair. It’s mostly my fault because I’ve been way too lazy to perm it. But when I braid my hair to the side, people keep asking me if I cut my hair, so I realized I can’t pull it off. But I’m gonna put extensions soon and rock this Messy Side Braid look.
I also LOVE the scarved-up hairstyle, the rockabilly hairstyle, the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ hairstyle, the double head-band style, the beanie style and the messy bun.

How-to do the messy side braid

1. Brush your hair thoroughly. Tangles make braids ugly.

2. For one braid: gather hair over one shoulder. Make sure the farthest pieces aren’t too short to braid. If your hair is medium length and too short for one side braid, two might work better.

3. Start underneath the ear. Braid as you normally would.

4. Secure with hairspray or pins.

Here are some simple, yet important side braid tips:

1. Side braids work great with any hair color, but highlights make them shine.

2. The side braid can be paired with the slicked side hair style for an edgy interpretation

3. Both the side braid and the fish plait work great with a fringe .

4. If you have bangs, don’t thread them into the braid. Let them hang loosely.

5. While you can attempt a side braid with a center part, I wouldn’t suggest it. Wear the side braid with a side part…on the opposite side.

And a How-to video on Youtube if you would like to visualize it…


2 thoughts on “The Messy Side Braid Trend

  1. […] The Messy Braid I admit I cut my hair last year but it is growing out again and I cannot wait to do the messy braid which I think is the absolute most prettiest look for a girl! I am a snowboarder wanna-be (anybody else?) and also adore the easy breezy bohemian style. Straightening your hair or curling it will damage it and cause it to be brittle. Why not let it air dry or create a damp braid (the curls when it dries will be epic) and be lovely and naturally you!  […]

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