The Maxi Sheer Skirt Trend

Okay, so before I decide to finally get up and get ready for an amazing day of recording with my band mate Yara, I actually have something to say.
I LOVE THE NEW MAXI SHEER SKIRT TREND! Possibly even more than the plain maxi skirts (Check out the article I made about that here).

Maxi sheer skirts are all about controversy, possibly even oximorons. They’re long and they’re short. And for the same reason, they’re modest yet sexy.
They’re totally something I’d wear, not just to the beach, but more at parties.
You see, the difference between a maxi skirt and a maxi sheer skirt, is that a maxi skirt can be worn to the beach. Maxi sheer skirts look too classy to wear in the sand.

The other day, while shopping for after prom, I saw these ADORABLE twins, probably about 19 or 20 years old. They were wearing matching pink maxi sheer skirts, thin gold chain belts and some type of white top with it all. They even had fake pink roses in their hair. Throughout the rest of the day, I noticed everybody wearing these maxi sheer skirts, so I was just like, “Where is this trend coming from???”

Whatever, it’s amazing. Take a look here!


I found most of these maxi sheer skirts browsing the internet but you can find many more at Forever21, American Apparel, Topshop, New Yorker, Nordstrom, Zara & Bershka.
Or better yet, make a DIY maxi sheer skirt by following the tutorial here!

Also, I found that even though these maxi sheer skirts are beautiful on their own, they look even better with a skinny belt to add more color to the ensemble.


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