When You Graduate

I just graduated two days ago, and still can’t believe that my life is about to change. People say that when you graduate, this or that is supposed to happen.
They expect so much from you, though you haven’t even had the time to realize you’ve

So here’s a list of 20 things I’ve come up with that most graduates can relate to.

You know you’ve graduated when…

1) You can change your Facebook Education status from “Highschool” to “University.”

2) You realize how international your group of friends is. They’re all going back to their home countries.

3)  You suddenly don’t have a curfew anymore.

4) Your amazing mother asks to go to the cinema with you.

5) You’re BORED because it’s summer and you’re so used to doing homework, you don’t know what exactly you’re supposed to do.

6) You panick about all the random stuff you see your mom using to cook and you’re just like “WHERE DO I GET ALL OF THIS?!”

7) You realize you don’t know how to use a washing machine.

8) You suddenly have a craving for Disney movies.

9) You’re still tired from Graduation, Prom, After-Prom and After-After Prom two days later.

10) You plan on travelling the world this summer and deep down inside you know you’re staying put.

11) Your older brother sees you as a friend.

12) Your teacher hits on you at After-Prom. (I should clarify that this didn’t happen to me, but to a friend of mine haha)

13) Your teacher COMES to After-Prom.

14) You realize that the highschool TV Shows you used to watch feature kids in like 11th grade. (Cf. Pretty Little LiarsThe Vampire Diaries)

15) All the couples you know are either moving in together, kidding themselves for an extremely long distance relationship or breaking up.

16) You meet fellow students for the first time at graduation. You didn’t even know they existed.

17) You literally get about 100 likes on your “I PASSED MY EXAMS” Facebook status.

18) You start deleting all the people you’ve never talked to, dislike, strongly dislike, don’t know, don’t care about, off of Facebook and Twitter.

19) You realize it’s time to change your email address IMMEDIATELY.

20)  You realize you have too much time on your hands and should find a summer job.


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