17 Things to do before I leave Dubai

Today has been a pretty emotional day for my friends and me. We said goodbye to a lot of people at the same time. I had to say goodbye to my bestest friend here, and it was the worst feeling ever. The thing is, I should be used to this by now (the amount of times I’ve moved!) but no matter what, there’s always one friend you know that you’ll want to take with you – if not all.

On a happier note, my friend Maya and I, may be staying in Dubai for most of the summer. It’s funny because she’s been here for about four years, and I’ve been here for exactly one year; we still haven’t done what most tourists come to Dubai for.

So before I leave Dubai, this summer, here is a list of 17 things we want to do. However, if you haven’t been to or lived in Dubai, you may not know what exactly I’m talking about.

1. Climb up to The Top of the Burj Khalifa

2. Spend the day at the Wild Wadi Water Theme Park

3. Watch the new Spider Man movie (with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone)

4. Spend the day at the Dubai Golf Creek

5. Enjoy Dubai’s Night Life

6. Ice-skate at Dubai Mall

7. Find a JOB!

8. Eat at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dubai Festival City

9. Visit a Karaoke Bar

10. Go on a Desert Safari

11. Buy a Platinum ticket to the movies

12. Go-Karting

13. Rent a boat for a day

14. I-Fly Dubai!

15. Eat at a fast-food restaurant at 4:00 am

16. Visit Ras Al Khaimah (another Emirate in the UAE)

17. Meet a Celebrity (though it might be impossible)


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