People change.
Everybody says they won’t, and that they’ll keep in touch, but deep down inside you know it’s not gonna happen.
Why is it that friendship fades away with distance? That our memories are so short and superficial, we only remember what we’re living like at the present moment?

When you’re the last person to leave, it’s like everybody else is changing, you’re the only one who’s stayed the same. And you know that no matter how many people come back to the same place, after X amount of years, nothing will ever be the same because of the fact that they left in the first place.

We end up adapting to the situation, and we “forget” what happened before. We forget what sculpted us into who we are today.
Who am I without all the things I’ve been through this year?
Ever wondered what would happen if you never walked into that coffee shop at 5pm when you forgot your book and had to go back and get it, and in consequence, you miss the bus you were supposed to take, so you arrived five minutes late, and your friend sneezes when you arrive?
Maybe if you hadn’t forgotten your book, you would have gotten on that bus, and somebody else behind you, waiting for you to walk faster, would have missed that same bus, and you would have sat down in that seat. You would have seen your friend on time, given him a hug so he wouldn’t have had the time to kick a stone with his left foot that would have kicked up dust that would have gone into his nose for him to sneeze.

You know where I’m getting at. And if you don’t, well, I understand me :)

The point I’m trying to make, is that everything happens for a reason, and if that doesn’t happen then something else would have happened.
I once read that, “We spend our lives telling ourselves that everything happens for a reason. But in reality, it’s just that we give reasons for everything that happens.”

So what shapes us in who we are today? Memories? Events? The people we meet? The people we don’t meet?

Life is basically made of all the events that occurred in your life, one after the other. It’s made of the little things you do daily, the little gestures you thought were meaningless. The little text messages your friend sends to tell you to check out that Youtube video she was telling you about. You end up finding a new favorite band.

And then you forget those things. And when you remember them again, you laugh to yourself and think, “Why isn’t it like that anymore? Why do people change?”

What makes people change? Is it distance? Is it time?

Time is something that we invented. We just sleep to pass the “time”. But in reality, the time we’re living in, is a box we’ve created to measure the moments we spend in our lives.
And distance is what seperates us from something. We did this to ourselves to explore the rest of the world.
So if we’ve created the source of change, we can find a way to stop change.

We can stop time if we want to. But that’s the thing, we never do.
We’re always going to change, because we want to.


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