3 Rounds and a Sound

I know this is a pretty old album (2008), but Blind Pilot’s 3 Rounds and a Sound is amazing. I only started listening to it a few weeks ago, when a friend of mine played the whole album out for me. At first, the songs all sounded too much of the same thing. But as I listened to each one of the tracks, I got used to the sounds. And for me, when a song is familiar to me, and I listen to it repeatedly, I end up liking it a lot (unlike most people). Basically, I listened to the album three times, and it was an awesome sound. (See what I did there!)

So here’s my review of 3 Rounds and a Sound.

The album starts off with the relaxing “Oviedo”. What I like the most, is that Israel Nebeker, the main vocalist, has one of those voices where you know that he doesn’t even have to make an effort to sing as beautifully as he is doing.
Right after comes two similar songs, “The Story I Heard” and “Paint or Pollen”. They’re the type of songs you can just fall asleep to. Believe me, I tried, and I didn’t even have to turn it down as I dozed off.
The fourth song, “Poor Boy” is one of my favorite songs on the album. The strumming pattern as well as the drums are AMAZING on this track. The vocals are mesmerizing… even the lyrics make you daydream. It’s a bit depressing one, but every album needs an emo song.
The next few songs, “One Red Thread”, “Go On, Say It”, “Two Towns From Me”, “I Buried a Bone” & “Things I Cannot Recall” are pretty average. I don’t even have much of a comment on them, because they put me to sleep, honestly.
“The Bitter End” is a BEAUTIFUL song. I’m in love with the lyrics and the vocals, just like I was with “Poor Boy” except that this time, I can imagine myself singing this to a loved one. Especially from the beginning, “If ever you should die/ I know I’d shave my head/ Its not a morbid thought/ I mean it out of love“. I don’t think you can get anymore romantic and blunt.

And finally, my favorite song at the moment, my favorite song of the whole album, “3 Rounds and a Sound”. I love so many things about this song.
First of all, I like that the title of the album, meaning the most important song, is the end one. I also love the soft guitar playing at the beginning and then gradually moving louder and louder as it approaches the chorus.
The song is actually talking about a song, so it’s a mesmerizing feeling. Then it’s as if you’re singing the song yourself, again to a loved one. I imagine myself in the singer’s place, just floating, and soaring up from the ground.
I think my favorite part of the whole song, is the only vulgar part in the whole album, yet the most sincere. “Now I see you, til kingdom come/You’re the one I want/To see me for all the stupid sh** I’ve done.”  It’s just beautiful.

All in all, go buy the album off iTunes because it’s bad to download albums off Piratebay unless the artist gives permission (even though everybody does this, including myself, I still think certain artists deserve our money). Another awesome fact why they deserve our money is because back in 2008, they completed a bicycle tour from Washington to California, carrying their instruments on custom bicycle trailers they fashioned themselves. Talk about awesomeness !


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