The Best Friend Post

Okay, so a few days ago, I wrote that my best friend Lexi from Holland surprised me by coming all the way here to Dubai. You’re probably wondering what happened with that, what we did, and yada yada.

The thing is, Lexi is not just my best friend, if there’s such a thing as having a soulmate (not in a romantic way but a friendly way), as in a soulmate of your heart, mind, spirit, humor, even body type, then Lexi is my legit soulmate.

First of all, as most of you probably read two posts earlier, my best friend Lexi surprised me by climbing into bed with me (it was about 1AM) and saying, “Zahraaaaa…Zahraaaaaaa… ZAHRA!” Believe me, I had NO idea she was coming. I was in such a shock, I screamed so loud, I woke up my sister (who also had no idea Lexi was coming) and we were all just screaming and laughing and hugging.

You see, surprising each other became a tradition when I surprised her in Holland last February. And this time, I seriously didn’t have the SLIGHTEST idea she was coming.

Now, onto the part where she’s my soulmate. First things first, that same night, we climbed up onto the roof of our house, sang a bunch of songs, went back down, took a long walk, and by the time we got near the basketball court near my house, the sun was up. We ate cereal from the bag on the pavement, drank water and just watched people play basketball.
But like seriously, everything we do, we do together. We eat cereal together. We complain together. We laugh together. We poke each other together. We stare at the ceiling and talk in Stitch (Lilo & Stich) voices together. We go out together. We hit on people together. It’s just the funnest part of life being with Lexi.

She can get along with just about anybody. Seriously, in order to hate Lexi, or for her to hate you, you have to be Hitler. Because honestly, no matter what she does, nobody can resist her beautiful smile and crazy laugh.

You know the song “Stop and Stare” by One Republic? Yeeeeeeessss. Every time, EVERY TIME, I am NOT exaggerating. Every time we walk down the street. SOMEBODY just STOPS and STARES at Lexi. Mouth wide open, hands on their head, eyes popping out. Sometimes they whistle, sometimes they’re like “OH MY GOSH!” Sometimes, they’re just like, “EXCUSE ME LADIES!” And seriously, I swear, one time we had to go to the bathroom at McDonald’s, this guy opened the door for us. We said, “Thank you” and he was like: “No, thank YOU for being YOU!!!!!!” And we were like, “Uh, thanks!”
On that same night, guys were asking her for her number, trying to hook her up with someone, just trying. Lexi is irresistable. Half Dutch and half Chilean, she’s a dream.

I love her to death because she knows me so well, and no matter what I do, she won’t judge me for it. She’s the only person in the world that knows so much about me. The only person who loves The Beatles as much as me (or almost). The only person who I can literally fart around with all day. The only person who eats as much cereal as I do.

She’s part of the family. It’s like we adopted her, so I call her “orphelino” because I don’t speak Spanish very well and I don’t know how to say “orphan” (though she really isn’t an orphan, she has AMAZING parents). She calls me, “BlaBlaBla” (see Charlie the Unicorn 3).

Somebody once told me that every decade you find at least one friend you’ll spend the rest of your life having. If you’re lucky, you’ll find two. I honestly believe that it’s true, and I honestly know that’s Lexi. Because if she isn’t, I honestly don’t know anybody out there that could be a better best friend.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Friend Post

  1. That is lovely. I look forward to seeing her in a few days. By the way folks, I had a very small part to play in the organization of the surprise. In order to keep the preparations away from Zahra, we had to come with a code name for Lexi. I nicknamed her Luther (Lex Luther from Superman!). Ok, at least Zahra gets the joke.

  2. Dear Zahra,
    In only got to read this blog yesterday; it’s hartwarming, incredible!! I think this friendship will last forever!! I wish you all the best in France; sorry I didn’t tell you before; saw on the other page that you miss your family; i can imagine; Hang in there :)
    Huge hug, Sascha (Lexi’s mom)

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