DIY Floral Crown inspired by Lana Del Rey

For all of you Summernistas out there (yes I shall call you that now because you like Fashion, and you like Summer, so you’re not a fashionista, you’re a summernista!), I have an awesome DIY (do-it-yourself) tutorial for you to try!

You know those awesome floral headbands (or crowns..) you see on hippies and cute people and fairies and stuff? You know the floral crown Lana Del Rey wears in her “Born to Die” music video?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have no fear, you don’t need to be jealous anymore, you don’t need to ruin your garden.
You can make your own out of fake flowers, wire, suede lace and other random stuff.

I found this tutorial on ‘boatpeoplevintage‘ ‘s Youtube channel. She has other cool DIY’s on there as well as on her blog and Facebook page so you should check it out :)


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