DIY “Things to Do” Notepad (with print-out!)

People who know me or have seen my bedroom definitely know just how organized I am.
I cannot STAND to have a messy room, I cannot stand for things to be misplaced. I’m not full-on OCD… only about a few things.

Also, I love lists, and I love making lists and I love planning, and planning out my day is a HUGE deal for me. Not in the freaky psycho type planning my day like that Olsen twin in New York Minute. I mean like, if I know I need to get a lot of things done today, I will write it down on a piece of paper and tape it on my desk or bedside table.

All this to say, I have found a solution to my organization. I may be organized, but I am beginning to get a bit OCD with the pieces of paper I tape to my desk.

So I found this helpful “To-do List” printout on my favorite craft blog, ‘Creme de la Craft‘.

Click HERE for the free printable :)

However, I thought of an even more practical idea for this notepad. You know how the notepads you buy in stores, some of them you can easily rip out the pages and stick them somewhere because they have that plastic/gluey thing that holds the pages together?
My mother, who used to make me scrapbooks out of scrap paper and glue from a glue gun taught me this one: You take a glue gun, you glue gun the top of the stack of paper. You wait for it all to dry. And voilà, you can now tear out your papers without tearing everything else out.

you can just do like ‘Creme de la Craft‘ and punch holes and use a ribbon to hang up your notepad somewhere :)


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