Oreo-Strawberry Yogurt, Sweaters & Alice

Well this is officially my last post in Dubai, before I head off to France!

I don’t even know where to start. Well first off, yesterday, my sister made me the best yogurt ever (I call it the oreo-strawberry thing).
So here’s the recipe:

Oreo-Strawberry Thing
Serves 1 Beatles Fan


(It doesn’t look much like this. I just thought this was a yummy picture..)

-1 plain white yogurt
-2 oreos (any flavor, preferably original)
-3 small strawberries, sliced into pieces
-1/2 handful of chocolate chips
-1/2 teaspoon of white sugar

>> Mix all ingredients together. EAT :)

On another note, this weekend, I have fulfilled my very much needed dream of going on a shopping spree. This was mostly because I’m going to be living on my own for a while and because student = poor, I realized I should probably stock up on all the clothes I want to buy. So I shopped and shopped and shopped, and ended up with a LOAD of sweaters and a bunch of other random stuff.
So speaking of sweaters, I’m loving the Autumn/Winter trend (that’s actually about a year old) where you wear a longish sweater and leggings.

I bought most of my sweaters and leggings at H&M and the rest at Forever 21 and Stradivarius but you can pretty much find them anywhere.

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Yesterday, after 12 hours of packing (because yes, I’m actually moving to France, not going on vacation), I stayed up and watched one of my favorite movies, Alice in Wonderland.

I realized, that I liked it better when I watched it the first time. This ALWAYS happens to me. That’s why I have come up with a true FACT:
Never watch your favorite movie more than once, it changes. It gets lame.
The only good thing about watching this movie a second time, was that I finally understood what the Red Queen said after she found out that one of her frogs ate her cranberry tarts.
So as usual, she goes, “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!” and the frog said something like, “No!! I have young ones at home!” so she muttered an order extremely quickly to her guards. And  I never knew what it was, or just how cruel she was until then. She said something like:
“Go to his house and fetch his children. I love tadpoles on toast almost as much as I love caviar.” So like.. she was gonna EAT THEM! Okay, maybe you guys already knew that. But that was pretty shocking for me. I just thought she beheaded people.

So that’s that. See you in Europe! :)


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