Post-Summer/Pre-Uni/Mid-Stress Disorder

Who would have known that living alone would be so hard???
Even though I knew I was going to miss my family, I thought I was going to be a boss at handling all of this on my own.

It all started when I moved in. My studio was a mess. Being the neat-freak that I am, I immediately put things a way and started cleaning stuff.
Then my dad and brother (who had helped me move in) went supply-shopping.

And when I say supplies, I don’t mean a fork here, and a spoon there. I mean, an ironing board, an iron, kitchen utensils you didn’t know existed, microwave covers, different sets of towels, a door mat, a kitchen mat, a bathroom mat, cleaning stuff, and SO MUCH MORE. And that’s only the stuff without the furniture that I would have had to buy if my studio wasn’t furnished.

Then there’s cooking. Who knew that you had to cook three times a day? Back at home, I used to eat cereal all-day and then eat whatever goodness my mom was cooking for the family. Here, I have to make lunch and dinner, vary the vegetables and starch (because I don’t eat meat) and make sure I have enough time to prepare it all!
Yesterday, I made myself a combo of tomato and broccoli pasta with tomato sauce.
But then there’s the whole thing where you have to season everything and make sure it’s not frozen or overcooked.

Then there’s the getting around. You have to memorize your address, where you live, how to get there, and where the nearest everything is. And no, you can’t walk around with a big map because it just shows that you’re a tourist which makes you a big target for pick-pocketers.

All in all, I’m not depressed, I’m not gonna die (even though it’s extremely hot and I don’t have a fan or AC), I just miss my family and I wish my mom moved in with me.

It’d make things so much easier :)


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