Au Naturel – Black/Bi-Racial Girls’ Hair

Am I the only one noticing just how many black girls have gone natural with their hair? No more perms, weaves, extensions, coloring and chemicals. They’ve gone afro, braided, dread locked or cut short.

I find it BEAUTIFUL.

Many black and biracial girls (including myself) are too chicken to chop off their long-desired chemically-ruined hair to start all over again. If I cut my hair, I don’t think it’ll grow back, and I certainly don’t want to wear a wig.
My mother, who’s of Indian and Carribean descent has gorgeous long black hair. She always took care of my sister’s and my hair from the time we starting growing it. She would make us wear swimming caps in the pool to protect our hair from the chlorine, she would make us wear shower caps in the shower unless we were washing our hair, she would keep our hair in two or three braids or in a bun to protect them from breaking. She would even make us wear scarves on our heads (called Du-rags), the kind those rappers used to wear back in the 90’s to keep the moisture of our hair cream inside our hair and to protect it at night time. Because of this, my hair was beautiful.

Until I decided I wanted bangs. I wanted long straight hair. I wanted curly hair. I wanted side bangs. I wanted to dye my hair. My mother warned me that all that would be horrible for my type of hair, and she was right. Though I never dyed my hair and it’s not completely damaged, it’s never been the same.

So in order to gain the courage to grow back my hair into its natural state, I’ve searched for dozens of pictures of beautiful black and biracial girls showing off their natural hair.

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During my research, I found a few interesting websites that give advice on black natural hair and how to take care of it:

Madame Noire:Β
Black Girl with Long Hair:
How to take care of Black Hair
Black Women’s Transition to Natural Hair

And here’s a picture of me, with wet, natural curly hair :)


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