Please Don’t Wear That!

The cool thing about living in a big city is the variety of people you see, meet and become friends with.

The downside about living in a big city, is the fashion disasters you come across. I am not talking about the people, because they themselves are not fashion disasters, it’s what they choose to wear.

This is not a mean post, this is a “Please-Don’t-Wear-That” post.

So I’ve asked some of my friends and various other people what they think is tacky fashion. And because I like lists, and I don’t have much time to post a picture of every single tacky outfit, I’ve decided to put together a bunch of fashion no-no’s.

-Clothes that are WAY too tight for you.
-T-shirts over sweaters
-Sahouel pants
-Tourists wearing traditional clothes (If you’re trying to blend in with the culture, you’re actually attracting more attention)
-Socks and sandals
-Awkward length skirts
-Awkward length pants (In French, we call this “pantalon sauté”)
-Yellow polo shirts
-Fluo outfits (One fluo item is nice, but you don’t want to look like a pack of highlighters!)
-Pirate shirts for men (and even women actually…)
-SUPER low V-neck shirts for men
-Poofy boots during Summer
-Juicy Couture sweatsuits
-Fake blonde hair, that’s so obvious it’s not your real hair color
-Stud nose piercings for guys
-Wearing a bikini instead of a bra (except on the beach)
-Mixing patterns
-Polka dot skirts with really fluffy leggings
-Over-sized hats
-Backwards baseball caps
-Lady Gaga
-Colored scrunchies that don’t go with your outfit
-Skirts over pants
-Too much bling
-Too many sequins

…And the list goes on.



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