Things I’ve Learned this Week

-It’s easier to spread peanut butter with a spoon.

-It was much easier to have a long distance relationship in the 18th century, without Facebook, phones and emails. (Pride and Prejudice)

-One song, one artist can unite very different people.

-You don’t lose contact with someone, you forget.

-A smile can be sarcastic coming from a few, pleasant from others and can mean “And-I-care-because??” from many.

-It’s not a date until he says so.

-Never switch your favorite watch with somebody else’s so that they would have to see you again in order to get it back. It never works.

-When you feel beautiful, you are.

-There’s no use in wasting my time painting my nails because it chips 10 seconds later.

-When you don’t understand classic English literature, go watch the movie version and then read the book again.

-After a bad day, when it’s raining, there’s nothing better than curling up in your bed with nothing but a sweater on, drinking your favorite hot drink and watching a chick flick.

-I’m destined to be trilingual, to speak Spanish fluently. My university is forcing me to take it for the next five years.

-Sun ≠ warmth.

-Life is very silent without music.

-I need a job.

-I wish I was Zooey Deschanel.

-I need to go on a Beatles’ tour.

-It’s funny how people you were once close with, don’t even know where you are now.

-I’m cute when I speak French.


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