The most useless things in Life.

There are just some things that I can’t wrap my head around. Honestly, if you think about it, the human race has invented things that we could definitely save money on if it was never invented.

1. Sleeping Masks
WHY? Can anybody please tell me why you should have a sleeping mask on when you know you’re going to close your eyes anyway? Is it because you can’t close your eyes by yourself?

2. Acne
Why should we have to go through this horrible stage? I think I’ve already mentioned before that if acne didn’t exist, the average human will probably look its best between ages 16 and 18. But.. no. We have to get oily and disgusting. For what? So we can then get wrinkled skin.

3. Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl
He’s USELESS. Just because he’s cute, doesn’t mean he’s worth the TV Show. He doesn’t create drama, he’s not dating anybody interesting, he’s just a hot loser.

4. Facebook Pokes
Really? Would you really ‘poke’ your ‘friend’ in person?

5. The “It’s Complicated” Relationship Status
PLEAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEE. Just change it to single already.

6. Twitter
Yes, I have Twitter. But I’m sorry, I still don’t find the use in it when you have Facebook.

7. Tumblr
I do not own a tumblr account nor do I intend to get one in the future. Tumblr is cute, when you’re not really a blogger. Tumblr is Facebook for people who can’t read. Tumblr is to display your obsession with an overrated all-boy band (ahem, One Direction!). Tumblr is the land of make-believe and ‘let’s-pretend-to-be-professional-photographers-because-I-have-a-Nikon-camera’.

8. Cotton Candy
It is delicious. But then again, you might as well pour a bag of colored sugar in your mouth and it will do the same thing to your teeth and the rest of your future diabetic life.

9. Nerdy glasses that aren’t really prescription glasses
‘Cause it’s so cool to be nerdy, yeah! But, very useless. People used to get beaten up because they wore nerdy glasses in Middle School and now, it’s a trend. It looks nice, but it’s completely useless.

10. Shaving half of your head off (especially you girls!)
Why would you do that to your beautiful hair? ONLY Cassie, and I repeat ONLY Cassie the  Rn’b singer can pull it off. All of you, just stop it. You don’t look like a badass, you look like a skunk.

11. ‘I have read this Agreement and agree to the terms and conditions.’
Haha.. like we really do this. I feel bad for the poor guy who writes up the terms and conditions. Nobody ever reads them.

12. Having to buy your own shopping bags from supermarkets.
What, has the world become that cheap? What happened to the beautiful old days where my mother brought back brown shopping bags for FREE from Walgreens or Stop n’ Shop?  How will 0,10¢/bag help the environment? How will 0,10¢/bag help the world?

The twelve things I have listed may be extremely unuseful, however, I have something very useful to share with you. And I bet you didn’t know this..

Did you know that when you pop a soda can tab, it can be spun around and used as a perfect straw holder? 
Okay, it is pretty useless, but I thought that was cool.


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