Why I should be the next Bond Girl

So yesterday, was supposed to be the laziest and boring-est day ever. I didn’t feel too well, and I was just being downright lazy. But at the last minute, my friends decided to go ice skating, so I tagged along. We then realized that there were too many people in line, so we decided to go see the new James Bond movie instead, Skyfall.

I protested 100x because I usually HATE Action movies. I don’t know why, they’re so boring, and all they do is shoot and kill, and shoot and kill. And I’m just like.. WHERE’S THE KISS ALREADY?

But I loved Skyfall. It was an amazing movie. I was talking to myself and gasping throughout the whole movie, and when I do that, that means that I am captivated by what’s in front of me on the big screen.

However, yesterday, I was so captivated by the movie, that I turned into a Bond Girl for the rest of the night. I personally, would have preferred to be ‘Q”s girl (the actor’s name is Ben Whishaw, and he was adorkably GORGEOUS). But things turned out differently…

It was the end of the movie, and after an hour of shopping with my good friend, Leila, we were on our way out of the mall, about to take the tram.
And then I remembered: I was supposed to go check out the cinema schedule for “Skyfall” for my boyfriend who couldn’t make it that day. I looked at the tram timings: the next one would arrive in 6 minutes.

Did I have the time? I looked at Leila as she shivered because of the cold. She said, “No way. I’m just gonna say goodbye to you now. If the tram comes, I’m leaving!” I smiled, and said, “I bet you I’ll be here RIGHT ON TIME for that tram, in 6 minutes.”

So as she was yelling “GOOD-BYE ZAHRA!!” I raaaaaaaaaan across the tram lines, into the mall, pushing through random couples, yelling “Excuse me!” frantically, up escalators, across the hall, and into the cinema. Politely asked the lady at the counter for a schedule, ran back out the cinema, across the hall again, down the escalators, pushing frantically through more random couples, past policemen who probably thought I stole my own purse, and just as I ran out of the mall, and across the street, I saw the tram about to leave. Leila was staring at me with her mouth open trying to keep the tram door open for me. I was almost there…

And then I fell. SPLATCH. My shopping bags and my palms scraping the pavement.

But I got right back up and ran through the tram door, just as it closed and left.

Though Leila and I couldn’t stop laughing and I couldn’t believe what I had just done, I made it in 6 minutes like I said I would.
As I walked through my front door, giggling to myself, I decided to say hi to my awesome neighbor Nathasha. Just as she got out of the shower, she told me she was about to faint.
I stared at her for like 5 seconds. She told me she wanted sugar and water. I grabbed two sugar cubes and put one in her mouth. Then I grabbed a bottle of water and poured some for her. She told me she could see clearly again and that I saved her life (I doubt that..).

An hour later, I was in front of the mirror, dressed as if I was about to go on a mission.
All in black, I have to say, I looked really hot (I was going to a birthday party later on).ย I was wearing a black lacy back-less top, black leggings, black lace high heels, gold earrings and red lipstick.

When it was time to go, my boyfriend/cavalier, also dressed in black, just went,

My mission was complete.

I think that Bond Girls are supposed to be able to do things fast, at whatever cost. I think that they save lives. I think that they are beautiful, and they know it.ย But most of all, I think that Bond Girls outdress all the other girls at a party. ย And yes, I may be a bit vain, but let’s face it:

When you watch a Bond movie, your inner ‘007’ is your disguise for the night.


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