The Liar, The Instagrammer and Gossip Girl!

Hello everybody, I know it has been 9 days, but you see…


And it’s so great to be back. I saw two of my closest friends from highschool (my friend Maya, and my band mate Yara from Why & Zee). I went to the Dubai Mall and pigged out on the most chocolatey-chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten and ignored the Dubai “biggest fountain in the world” thing outside. I’ve seen that way too many times!

But we’ll get back to that another time. I must tell you about my trip to Dubai, as in, my plane trip. You see, when people go on planes, they always come back telling me these awesome stories about how they sat next to a really hot British guy or how the cutest little girl was travelling alone and fell asleep on their lap, or how they met an actor in business class!

BUT NO. I got, a LIAR sitting behind me, and somebody I call an Instagrammer sitting next to me. Thus, the name of this post: The Liar, the Instagrammer [and Gossip Girl]

1. The Liar

So I was minding my own business, watching The Sapphires (Australian version of Dream Girls), The Bachelorette and Ice Age 4. When I kept feeling this annoying pounding in back, through my seat. So I was like, “It’s just a little kid probably getting comfortable.” But it kept continuing, and the person behind me kept fixing his/her TV (which is in the back of my seat). Suddenly, I heard this LOUD talking. The guy was speaking in English, with a Hispanic accent, I guess, to the person next to him. They were talking about some movie they wanted to see when they get to Dubai.
And so the guy kept knocking my chair, and annoying me until he probably got tired of it. But I didn’t. So I turned around, with my meany face, and was like “DUDE %$&+@ !!!!”. Okay, I didn’t say that. It went more like, “Excuse me sir! Can you please not do that with your seat? I CAN FEEL EVERYTHING.”
And this liar, PRETENDS he doesn’t speak a word of English, and goes something like, “No entiendo una palabra de lo que dices mujer joven, sólo estoy pensando en mis cosas. ¿Por qué estás hablando a mí?” Yes that was google translated. But I swear he said something like that. So I gave him the evil eye, because I couldn’t remember ANYTHING I learned in Spanish class for the past 6 years and sat back down in my seat.
My Spanish teacher certainly didn’t teach me what to say in such situations as these!


2. The Instagrammer

This guy was not annoying.. he was just weird. You see, because I’m majoring in Psychology, I learn how to observe and analyze people; it becomes a habit.
The man next to me was about in his mid-thirties, most likely Indian or Pakistani. I thought he was pretty cool because I had the window-seat and every time I wanted to use the bathroom, he’d get up and let me pass.
What was interesting about this guy was the fact that he took pictures of EVERYTHING. Literally, no joke. He took a picture of his glass of coke. He took a picture of his airplane food. He took a picture of his TV screen. He took a picture of his glasses. He took a picture of his feet. He tried to take a picture of the view, without taking me. He took a picture of his pillow. He took a picture of his airplane picture. And many pictures of himself..
And it wasn’t a camera that you use on your smart phone. It wasn’t a professional camera. It wasn’t one of those cool poloroid cameras. I am not making fun of him, but you must know that it was one of those cameras whose flash blinds the WHOLE airplane, including the pilot and could probably have caused a huge situation. AND it makes the “beep beep KACHING” noise when it takes the picture. So I called him the Instagrammer, because people who use Instagram (and Tumblr) are NO different. They just use silent cameras.


3. Gossip Girl 

!!! SPOILER ALERT !!! If you haven’t seen the last episode EVER of Gossip Girl, do not continue to read. I will give you space, and time to think about this.
If you have seen the last episode, scroll down :) 


DAN HUMPHREY, REALLY???????????????????????????????????????????

I was just like, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” I saw it coming, but I didn’t actually think they would really make him Gossip Girl! I mean, they could have made Nate more interesting and useful, by making him Gossip Girl. Or they could have made Gossip Girl Dorota, which would have been funny. But Dan Humphrey? He was one of my least favorite characters and didn’t deserve such a title. Seriously, Lonely Boy?!

Besides that, I absolutely loved the ending. Even though it was pretty sad, and I still can’t believe it’s actually all over after 5 years, I thought that Blair and Chuck getting married and having the coolest little kid, Serena and Dan getting married, and useless Nate becoming mayor, was the best ending to the story. Serena was beautiful on her wedding day.
I wasn’t too happy about the fact that Lily and Rufus didn’t end up together.. But WHO is that Lisa Loeb or whatever that he’s dating?? Is anybody else confused?

Either way, this confusing final episode was clarified for me when I read this: :)



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