Goodbye 2012… Happy New Year 2013!

Good morning upper east siders. They say…

Yeah right. Gossip Girl’s over :/ That’s one thing that left with 2012. That and the theory about the world coming to an end a week and a half ago.

On another note, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! Because I love lists, and today is New Year’s Day, I’m going to make a list. A list of things that’s been going on in my life in 2012, that I’m thankful for and that I can’t believe I’ve accomplished.


1) The “friends” I’ve left in 2011 and the real ones I met in 2012.

2) Becoming a vegetarian.

3) The band that Yara and I created: Why & Zee. 

4) The baccalauréat that I passed ON MY OWN with “mention assez bien”, without the support of certain Litterature, Philosophy and English teachers (:

5) Graduation.

6) My best friend Lexi surprising me in Dubai!

7) I created this blog on May 4th 2012. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made (: Thank you all for being a part of what was sorta like my public display of nonsense!

8) Basically having the best summer ever!

9) Getting to see my childhood friends again, from France!

10) Moving into my first appartment! (and yes, blasting the Beatles..)

11) First year of university!

12) Getting three jobs: Welcoming Hostess, Babysitter and English Tutor.

13) Meeting Michael, my boyfriend (:

14) Seeing my family and friends again in Dubai!

15) Reuniting Why & Zee, and finally recording a video of our first original song
Man the Hippie“. Here’s our Facebook page we created: (:

16) Celebrating Christmas and New Year’s with the people that I love.

Basically, all of this sounds like pretty much everybody else’s life in 2012. Alas, this is not Instagram, so I shall not share every single detail about everything listed on this list. However, I will say, these are definitely the highlights of my year 2012.

Do I have resolutions for the year to come? No. I do not believe in resolutions. I feel that they’re just another excuse for people to make promises to each other or to themselves that they most likely won’t keep. Why not have a resolution every single day of the year?

With that, I wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, best wishes to all of you!

…And now that we’re all in 2013, can you please stop listening to Gangnam Style?!?!

Zahra L-J - Breakfast With The Beatles


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