The Perks of being a Bored Flower

Well, everyone, I have been back in Lyon for 6 days now, and a lot has changed between now and then. Before I explain my awesomely thought up blog post title, I must inform you of a few things:

1. I no longer major in Psychology. I didn’t like it because it was too scientific and boring. And Education was not what I expected.

2. I miss Dubai.

3. Whenever I’m about to write a status, Facebook becomes a psychologist and goes, “How are you feeling, Zahra?” 

4. Psychology messed me up for life because wherever I go, I analyze people, whether I know them or not. 

5. I got awesome Christmas presents from my friends and family including a Morroccan bag, a painting of Dream Catcher and a guitar. 

So, I’m back from Dubai. Same old, same old, except that now that I have changed majors, the French system is forcing me to start over again next year and take “re-orientation courses” this second semester. So even though I already know I want to be a primary school teacher, I will sit through sermons about how I could also become a lawyer, a business manager, a computer whiz or a finance manager.
This also means, that this second semester’s credits won’t count, and therefore, I have no exams to study for. Therefore, I have more time to tutor my four students in English and babysit ‘Bunny‘ on the side. Therefore, I start summer vacation in April. Therefore I will have 5 months of nothing. Therefore, I will be bored.

However, I have decided to not stew in my boredom and do something useful with my time. A friend of mine who stopped school a few years ago, is pretty much in the same situation as me, except that this has been going on for three years or so. He inspires me, and is actually one of my most favorite people in the world for one simple reason: He learns and/or tries something new and random almost every day. 

So, here’s my list of things that I plan on doing during my free time:

1. Learn to pick on a guitar.

2. Watch a new TV show (now that Gossip Girl is over). Any suggestions?

3. Finish reading the Pride & Prejudice book that’s been sitting on my bedside table since I moved here.

4. Be awesome in Spanish. Because I actually have to, for the Foreign Languages I will be majoring in next year.

5. Plan my Beatles’ Tour trip to London.

6. Read a full book series. Any suggestions?

7. Volunteer in a childrens’ hospital.


And so, I have seen the good and the bad sides of being so bored. However, when September comes, I would have pretty much done a lot more with my time than I ever would have if I was still majoring in Psychology.

And as for the title of this post, I saw one of the best movies ever, on the airplane last week: The Perks of being a Wallflower.



2 thoughts on “The Perks of being a Bored Flower

  1. Saw that movie about 1000 times , read the book 3 times … needless to say , the best piece of art i have read/seen in a loooong time

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