Why I stopped watching Vampire Diaries

For all of you out there reading my blog, some of you might not know anything about Vampire Diaries. It’s basically a TV show version of Twilight except that the werewolves got screwed over and are much less powerful than the vampires. Actually, that’s the same thing in Twilight. Except the vampires in Vampire Diaries don’t sparkle.

Vampire Diaries

So anyway, I stopped watching it. And instead of ranting for paragraphs and paragraphs, let me just tell you Vampire Diaries fans: if you think about the list of reasons I am about to give you, it will actually make sense.

1. Elena
I HATE Elena Gilbert. She may be the main character but she is SUCH a pain in the ass. In fact, just like Bella, she is the source of all problems. Except that in Vampire Diaries, everybody dies because of her. And when people die, Elena’s like, “I should just die..” And I’m like, “Yes, please, kill yourself.” And then she finds some dumb reason to stay alive. And (SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen the latest episodes.. actually never mind, it doesn’t matter if I spoil it for you).. Elena dumps Stephan for DAMON?

2) Damon
I used to like Damon. And now he’s annoying. With his too-blue eyes, and wrinkled smile. But what I hate the most, is that he loves Elena. And he became a wet rag, to be polite.

3) Matt
Matt is as useless as Nate in Gossip Girl. He’s there, because somebody has to be human. Oh yeah, because Jeremy decided to go and turn into a supernatural by become a vampire hunter. And hunters apparently are their own species. So that’s Matt’s purpose. Besides pining for Elena’s lost past and hating vampires too.

4) Everybody dies and nobody cares
Literally, EVERYONE is dying. They’re all dropping dead like flies, and nobody cares! Have you noticed? Seriously, only when the mayor dies, people make an assembly.

5) They don’t ever go to school
Like ever. If they do, it’s because Caroline’s throwing a useless party.

6) Bonnie’s Dad coming out of nowhere, what??
As an African-American, I truly believe, they needed more black people, so they had to throw in a black guy somewhere, which happened to be Bonnie’s unknown dad, who happens to replace the late mayor.

7) WHO asked April????
Who asked her to be part of the show? Who asked her to have a crush on Matt? Who asked her to become friends with Rebecca? Who asked her to be so annoying?!

8) The Gilbert family must be rich
Because with no job, no parents, no life, how in the WORLD do Elena and Jeremy pay for their mortgage, their clothes, their food? Oh yeah, Jeremy’s a woodsman. He lives in the woods, therefore, he gets money somehow. Hacking wood.

9) Caroline’s a horrible friend
Has anybody else noticed that she’s spilling all of Elena’s secrets to Stephan? Wait a second.. I like that.

10) My favorite characters are the bad guys
I love Rebecca and Claus. Because Rebecca gladly snaps Elena’s neck whenever she gets the chance (unfortunately, she heals too quickly), because she’s very smart, and sarcastic. Claus, because he’s completely insane. And he has a nice British accent.

All that said, I must say, I really miss Gossip Girl. It was the best show I’ve ever watched, and after that comes How I Met Your Mother.
So sorry everyone, I have stopped watching Vampire Diaries.
And NO, I will not watch Teen Wolf!


8 thoughts on “Why I stopped watching Vampire Diaries

  1. I agree with this wholeheartedly (and yes what a late reply this is!)
    I stopped watching two weeks ago, because the storyline had become so outrageous and completely uncharacteristic it was painful to watch. Elena is miserably pathetic and just a terrible useless character (the only use they find in her is having everyone else die for her). It reached a point where I was fast forwarding through the episode just to skip scenes. Ah its a shame. Since the originals left, this show has gone downhill, fast. (and no, I don’t watch the ridiculously plotted spin off).

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