Les Misérables

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and after a beautiful candle light dinner, Michael took me out to see Les Misérables.


For those of you who don’t know me, I sing a lot. I’m always singing.. But I’ve never liked musicals. I mean I’ve watched Grease, Hairspray, The Sound of Music, Ella Enchanted, Mamma Mia, the Highschool Musical series, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper… I’ve seen it all. But I hate musicals. I don’t even like Glee.

I never knew the story of Les Misérables, I never read the book, or seen the musicals. So here’s my review on the Les Misérables movie.

1) The first 5 minutes
SO depressing. I think the slaves sang like a hundred times how they did nothing wrong and they’ll die being slaves.

2) Anne Hathaway’s miserable scene
It was very… miserable. And for that, Michael and I had the chills when she sang. She had a beautiful voice, though I was already used to it because of Ella Enchanted. It was a great scene, I felt her misery, though all compassion went away when they zoomed in on her face as she was crying. Anne Hathaway is one of those beautiful actresses who always appears to be very ugly when she cries.

anne hathaway fantine les miserables crying


3) Young Cosette & the blonde little boy whose name I’ve forgotten
Isabelle Allen was the cutest thing in the world. I loved her singing, and her cute little blond face. And that other blond boy who keeps singing and  has the cutest British accent and randomly starts to sing, “Do you hear the people sing…” in the midst of a crisis.

4) Adult Cosette
I know Amanda Seyfried too much to really appreciate her. Remember, I saw Mamma Mia, been there, done that. However, when she hit the high notes, especially when singing her duets with Marius (played by Eddie Redmayne – we’ll get to him), she sounded like an angel.

5) Marius a.k.a. Eddie Redmayne
Am I the only one who seems to have seen this guy everywhere? However, I did a bit of research and realized that he’s only played in The Other Boleyn Girl and My Week with Marilyn.

6) Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman can’t sing. No argument there.

7) Javert, the policeman who won’t give up
Javert almost dies like 100x (okay, twice), and has the nerve to sing, “I don’t understand…” when Jean Valjean shows him mercy. And then he dares to come back and still try to kill ‘Prisoner 24601’. Speaking of which, I didn’t have to look up Jean Valjean’s prisoner number, I knew it by heart after Javert obsessively over-using the number in all of his solos.

8) Jean Valjean’s departure
Uh… Cosette is watching her father leaving from the window, and her father couldn’t spare a minute to say good-bye? That’s drama for you.

9) “Is-it-over-already?”
After an hour and a half of singing, Michael and I actually looked up the movie online to see how much time there was left. We had another hour to go, and it hadn’t even reached the climax of the story yet. Though it was his idea to see Les Misérables, I saw the poor guy  through the corner of my eye glancing at his phone every two minutes, and falling asleep.

10) Sacha Baron Cohen
I would never have guessed it was him in the movie. He was the funniest character in the whole production. Actually he and his co-star Helena Bonham Carter (Alice in WonderlandThe King’s Speech) who played the Thénardiers, were a hilarious couple.

11) Eponine a.k.a. Forever Alone
Did anyone else find Eponine (Samantha Barks) extremely weird? After pulling a Mulan by dressing up as a boy to fight, she gets shot. She’s dying, yet she doesn’t feel pain, “and she can’t feel the rain”. And cheeky Marius somehow tells her he loves her? Whatta playa.

12) The last 5 minutes
By the time the movie was coming to end, I already had my coat and bag, ready to pop out of the theater seats. However, the ending scene with the “Do you hear the people sing…” and all the dead people, made me want to sing along. It was a pretty cool, yet very much anticipated ending to such a long musical.

All in all, I give Les Misérables 2 stars out of 5 for Anne Hathaway’s singing, the cute blond children and the cheeky Thénardier couple.

Indeed, I did feel a bit miserable, watching Les Misérables. Ha-ha.


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