Never touched before

So before you think that this will be one of those kinds of posts, let me just say it’s not.


As none of you know, because I’ve only told a selected group about this: I surprised my best friend Lexi, in Holland, four days ago. And it was epic.
I love Lexi. We all love Lexi. But this post will not particularly be about her. It will mostly be about the things we talked about. Like the parts of your body you’ve never touched before.

I don’t know how we came up with this theory, but I KNOW it’s true. You know how you touch your nose, you touch your eyelids, you touch your lips, you touch your knees, you touch your hands. But you NEVER touch the top of your eyeball, that dangly part of the back of your mouth unless you’re trying to vomit, the very deep inside of your nose, the far inside of your ears, under your finger nails?

Isn’t that just weird? And when you touch those places, either it hurts, or it tickles. And you just don’t know how to feel.

Well imagine you naturally have a hole on the top of your head. It’s like the size of a quarter, and nothing’s covering it. What if it were normal to have that hole on the top of your head. Under that hole is your brain.

But what if that hole where your brain would be is just like those other parts of your body? Would you wear a hat? Would you grow it back? Would you try with a cat? Would you think you’re fat? (Say it out loud and it sounds like a Dr. Seuss poem. I suddenly have this thing for rhyming now.)

No but really. Now imagine taking a shower with that hole on the top of your head. How would your brain feel? Would it hurt or would it be ticklish? It would give a whole literal meaning to “I’ve got water in my brain”.

That’s where I’m getting at. The human body is made so perfectly, yet there are a few sensitive places. And in order for those places not to be sensitive anymore, as Lexi said, we need to train those parts of our body to be touched.


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