Things I wish I never did when I was 13.

I’ve realized something. Teenagers, especially pre-teens, seem to think that they’ll always be the same age. That they’ll never grow up. That they’re always right. That the stuff they do now won’t reflect on their future.

13 going on 30

Like how in Health class, Middle School teachers are like, “No smoking. It’s bad for you. even though I smoke, your parents smoke, your brother smokes, your neighbors smoke, your grandma smokes, your priest smokes, your dog smokes. It’s bad for you. You’ll get sick and die.” And what these adults don’t realize is that when you say “DON’T DO THAT” to a 13-year-old, they’re going to DO JUST THAT. And that’s why you see 13-year-olds smoking now and they don’t even know how to hold their cigarette. None of them think about how they’ll never be able to run in P.E. again or possible cancer in their mid forties.

Now, because 13-year-olds are KNOWN for being annoying because let’s face it – most of the time they are; I’m going to give you a list of things I wish I never did when I was 13. Things that shoot me in the foot now. And fortunately, smoking isn’t one of them.

1) Like all those pages on Facebook, thinking “OMG dats totally me, dats so trueee!!! xD LoLX”. Because now I get spam from those pages and I can’t see anything else on my home page.

2) Be bad at History and Geography class. If I actually LISTENED in class, right now, I would probably know where Uzbekistan is. Or what the First World War was about.

3) Create an email address. Why couldn’t I have waited until I was 15, when I had a bit more sense, and I could actually decide that glamourangel4uk4eva is the worst username ever.

4) Add all those people I don’t know on Facebook. Because I’m too lazy to delete them all, and I don’t want to create a new account, I just wait until it’s their birthday to delete the people I don’t want. I can then click on their name, and “unfriend” them.

5) Be friends with a Drama Queen. Because BOY was she a Drama Queen and got me in a lot of trouble. And yes, Jewel, I’m talking about you.

6) Not know the Beatles. I KNOW RIGHT. There was a time when I had only ever listened to “Yellow Submarine”.

7) Say stuff like, “I know I am but what are you?”

8) Not cherish the moments when Disney Channel was AWESOME. That’s So Raven, anyone?

9) Wear those pink bell-bottom pants.

10) Write love notes to my crush. EWWWWW.

11) Say stuff like, “I’m going to *Z-snap* you if you keep bugging me!”
*snaps in the form of a Z.

12) Spend all the money I got on candy. Or cheap bracelets.

And the list goes on…

You see, if my mom read this, she would probably say, “But Zahra, that’s normal! You were only 13 years old!” But because I’m me, I realize just how annoying I really was. No offense to all of you pre-teens out there. SOME of you are an exception. Like Lex’s sister, Dominique. And this kid from my old school who loves the Beatles.


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