Left Behind

Left Behind; adjective \ˈleft\ + adverb or adjective \bi-ˈhīnd\

1. Having a butt that leans mostly towards your left.
2. Being left handed, but with your butt.
3. When someone leaves you, and you’re just there. Alone. By yourself, because they’ve moved on without you.

So it’s that feeling you get when you grew up with some people, and now they’re in their third year of college, or married, or travelling the world or something. It’s that feeling you get when everybody has an awesome summer job, and you’re just sitting there in a concierge uniform at the mall.

Recently, I “defriended” mentally and literally (on Facebook) a few of my entourage. Since I’ve turned 20, I realized that there are just people I don’t need, never needed and will never need in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type of person to only be friends with people that I can get something out of. I mean that I “deleted” fake friends out of my life because it was time to grow up.

A great part of growing up, and becoming an adult is moving on. We do a lot of moving on in our lives like moving on from primary school to middle school, moving on from having a curfew to not having one anymore, moving on from an old computer to a new Mac pro (I wish!). As I said before, we do a lot of moving on.

But what we don’t realize, is that people around us are moving on as well, and we’re just… left behind. It’s not such a negative feeling, it’s not even a bad thing. In fact, sometimes when we feel left behind, it’s because it’s not our turn yet to move on from where we are.


Most of the friends I went to high school with, are already in their third year of college. Some of them are engaged, a few are married and a couple are parents. I’m still in my first year of college, and because of the French system, I have to start over because I’m changing majors. I’m going to graduate 3 years later than I was supposed to.

Even though my dream career is on pause for 5 years, I’ve come to realize that this is not a step back and even though it’s taking a little longer, I’m still pursuing my dreams.

So yes, I may be a little left behind, but in my own way I’ve moved on too :-)


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