Why I became a semi-vegetarian

BIG SHOCKER to most of you who’ve only known me as a vegetarian.
MILD SHOCKER to those of you who thought I would never eat meat again.
NO SHOCKER to my family and best friends, because they know me so well.

Okay, so it’s called being reasonable.


Before I explain why I stopped being 100 % vegetarian, let me first explain what a semi-vegetarian diet is.

According to my homework’s best friend Wikipedia, a semi-vegetarian or flexitarian diet is one that is plant-based with the occasional inclusion of meat products. Also, the American Dialect Society says that a semi-vegetarian is basically a vegetarian that occasionally eats meat.

Reasons why I’m no longer a vegetarian

1. I’m a student. I don’t have that kind of money to go and buy organic products, proteins and vitamins to replace meat protein.

2. I’m not going to survive on plain vegetables and starch.

3. I get lazy, having to force myself to cook a healthy meal, filled with proteins and vitamins when I come back from a long day of classes/work.

4. Even though I strongly believe in Animal Rights, I do think that no matter how much vegetarians abstain from meat, there will always be meat-eaters.

5. When you’re always outside, in a city like Lyon, it’s EXTREMELY HARD to find vegetarian places to eat.

Reasons why I’m not a full-on meat-eater

1. Health reasons: Eating meat at every meal, every single day, is VERY unhealthy for your body, especially your heart. Not only will you most likely live longer, but you can also avoid the toxic chemicals they put in meat.

2. Environmental reasons: “The way that we breed animals for food is a threat to the planet. It pollutes our environment while consuming huge amounts of water, grain, petroleum, pesticides and drugs. The results are disastrous.” – Dr. David Brubaker.

3. Animal reasons: SPARE THE ANIMALS. They get tortured, mamed, mistreated and drugged before they even send them to the slaughter house. Haven’t you seen this horrible video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCcUV-Yg-bc

4. Taste buds reasons: I actually don’t like meat as much as I used to after a year of being a vegetarian. I just lost the taste for it.

5. It stops me from going to fast food restaurants like McDonald’s or KFC. I’m much more motivated to keep a healthy diet.

Reasons why I am now a semi-vegetarian

1. It’s the cheapest, healthiest diet to have, especially if you’re in you’re an adult.

2. It’s more practical. I can now eat in restaurants without having to stick to a boring salad.

3. I still eat JUST as MANY vegetables as I did while I was a vegetarian, but much less meat than I did when I was a meat-eater.

4. I only eat meat once a day for 3 days out of 7.

5. I save a lot more money. I still tend to buy a few organic products, but I don’t have to stick to the “green label” or “special vegetarian” foods in the supermarket that cost 50% more than regular food.

6. My mom makes the BEST steak & kidney pie. I CANNOT miss that when I go back home.

There are many more reasons that I can think of to back up my decision, but I’m a bit too lazy to list them all. However, I will say that I am not the type of person to pick up a trend, just to try it out. I became a vegetarian for many personal and obvious reasons and stayed a vegetarian for about a year and four months. Just because it didn’t work out for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work out for you :)


3 thoughts on “Why I became a semi-vegetarian

  1. Awww! Thanks for the compliment about my steak and kidney pie, sweetie! I promise to make one especially for you when you come home. But, guess what? Now the rest of us (your family at home) are eating a lot less meat since you left Dubai to go to university last year so your decision certainly has had an impact on our eating habits. Thank you!

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