Happy Birthday to my Blog!

This is just one of those rare short posts, but I would like to say, “Happy Birthday” to my blog. It’s been exactly one year since I first started blogging on WordPress.

I first started blogging because of a highschool teacher, Mrs. M, who hated me. One day, she was telling a fellow classmate beside me to start a fashion blog because she was interested in a fashion career. Mrs. M said that it was a great outlet for people who want to express their feelings in writing and that it improves one’s writing skills.

Mrs. M then proceeded to ask each student where they planned on attending college. She deliberately asked everyone in the room except for me. So, I raised my hand and told her that I wanted to go to college in France to become a teacher.

Mrs. M laughed and said, “You should work on passing your baccalaurΓ©at exams before you even think about college or writing a blog.” As the weeks went by, rumors were going around in the teachers’ lounge that I would never finish highschool.

Not only did I pass my exams with “mention assez bien” honors, I graduated, got into the first college I applied to, started the ‘Breakfast with the Beatles’ blog and am now an English teacher for children and adults.

Mrs. M can suck it.



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Blog!

  1. As a former teacher I would say that Mrs. M. is the epitome of a ‘lousy teacher in the wrong profession’. As your really proud mother who always knew you would excel, how I wish I could have a ‘rencontre’ with Mrs. M. today! In a most dignified manner, I would ensure that she would never, ever forget my face, my voice, nor my daughter’s. Keep blossoming my flower!

  2. Hi everyone reading this blog!! This is Zahta’s best friend here!! Just sayin, you know, SHE’S MINEEEE :D very proud <3

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