Where have I been in the past month ?

Hello strangers! Here I am, sitting in the middle of empty apartment, with beautiful weather outside.

Where has my life gone in the past month, honestly? I guess this will be explained in bits and pieces.

1. I got a job as a middle school supervisor

Basically, I made sure that kids weren’t beating each other up, that kids were doing their homework quietly during study periods, that kids weren’t running in the hallway, and that kids weren’t swearing at each other.

It sounds easy, but it’s actually extremely hard. As everyone knows, pre-teens are probably the most DIFFICULT age to manage. I noticed many things, that I will talk about as soon as I have the time. (A blog post dedicated to pre-teens will be up very soon!)

2. My neighbor got robbed, so I moved

It’s not that simple either, but honestly, the apartment that I moved into was probably the worst studio I could have ever rented. It looked decent, the place was perfect, it wasn’t too small, my neighbors (Venezuelan neighbors!) were amazing.

But tell me, is it normal, that in the past 5 months, there were about 7 robberies in our building and the landlady did nothing? The landlady didn’t even want to put security cameras up. The landlady made my neighbor pay for her broken door handle (that the thieves broke to get in). The landlady DARES tell us that we should ‘just call the police, she can’t do anything, good luck’.

3. I’m leaving to Dubai tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning, I’m flying out to Dubai, to see my family for summer vacation. I’m looking forward to such a wonderful break and to see my sister Safiya graduate highschool. After Dubai, I’ll be heading to the French Riviera with my best friends Lex and Leila, my sister and another friend. Basically, tomorrow is a start of an epic summer ahead of me.

I know this is not much about what’s been happening in the past month, but I promise that within the next few days, I will discuss the three topics above in detail :)




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