Favorite TV Shows List

I just realized that I’ve never really given a full list of the TV shows that I watch. I made a few articles about the Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and its finale.

So here’s a list of all the TV shows that I have seen, and what I thought of them:

Heroes (first season) – When I found out that they canceled the show, I decided not to continue onto the next seasons because there isn’t an ending.

Friends (most episodes) – This oldie will always have my heart!

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Who doesn’t like Will Smith?

Gossip Girl: One of my favorite TV shows, and though it’s finished, I will always love it. One of my greatest inspirations is Blair Waldorf.

Nurse Jackie: It’s an alright show. I only watch it when I have absolutely nothing else to catch up on.

90210: I used to love this show until the last season. It got canceled after the fifth season so they had to rush the ending and make it cheesy.

The Vampire Diaries: Boring, unoriginal and completely useless show. Vampire-Human romance is so overrated.

True Blood: Love this show, and even though the main characters are vampires, they have many other fantasy creatures. Also, I personally think that Sookie & Bill are ugly.

Skins (UK): One of my favorite shows, again. I loved everything about this show, especially the first and second series.

Awkward.: The show’s characters and stories are bit too teenager-ish for me. I’m not in 10th grade anymore, so the stuff they deal with makes me feel like, “Been there, done that.” I don’t want to go back to highschool, so I’m not too keen on this show.

Pretty Little Liars: One of my favorite shows, though I’m tired of waiting to figure out who ‘A’ is. What I liked about Gossip Girl was that even though nobody knew who ‘Gossip Girl’ was, the story was interesting enough for the viewers to not care. However, in Pretty Little Liars, everything revolves around ‘A’ so prolonging the drama and suffering just makes the viewers impatient.

New Girl: LOVE this show. I love Zooey Deschanel, and I love her character Jess. One of the best shows I’ve seen this year!

How I Met Your Mother: I have watched every single episode of this TV show with Michael (another one of our traditions, along with going to the movies every Tuesday). I LOVE this TV show because it’s funny, age-appropriate for college students and it’s a great story to follow.

Weeds: I started watching the first, second and third seasons but then I got bored. Okay, so she’s a hot mama selling stuff that she shouldn’t be selling to keep a roof over her head. She’s friends with a lot of black people. End of boring story.

2 Broke Girls: I got bored with this show a long time ago (the same sarcastic, racist, sexist jokes from Max get tiring). At first, I thought they were funny, but Max’s character is such a constant downer. Okay, we get she had a bad childhood but having to put her alcoholic mother in every sentence, at every chance she gets, is the worse way to make people laugh.

The Mindy Project: Love this show so far. I have watched all of the first season after my sister introduced it to me and find it funny and light-humored, a bit like New Girl. 


Do you know any TV shows that you’d like me to watch? Comment below!


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