Unlucky for Chucky

I was thinking about how I haven’t written a blog post in such a long time, and I was looking for inspiration because nothing interesting has recently happened in my life.

But I have it now. This blog post is about how UNLUCKY I am.

I lived in Dubai for a year, and after a year in France, I’m back here on vacation. Dubai is the best hideaway for celebrities. EVERYBODY comes here. Paul McCartney came to Dubai last year, and I missed him. One of the most famous malls in Dubai is right next door to me, the one with the indoor ski slopes (Mall of the Emirates).

But guess what? Never in the year and six months that my family has been in Dubai have we EVER seen a celebrity. And what did I just hear? Ed Westwick, beautiful Ed Westick (‘Chuck Bass’ in Gossip Girl) was in Dubai. He was at one of my favorite malls, Dubai Mall.

How did I miss that opportunity? Why am I so unlucky?


And to think this could have been me, posing with one of my favorite actors on the planet.


And speaking ofย Gossip Girl, there has been this trend going on ask.fm,ย where people pose as ‘Gossip Girl’.
I am here to tell you STAHP. What are you 12 ? Gossip Girl was one of the best TV Shows ever, its era is over, stop pretending you’re devious, omniscient and smart. There can only be one Gossip Girl, and that’s Kristen Bell (or ‘Dan Humphrey’).


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