The Unsociables

On our way back from a sleepover, my sister and I were taking an hour long metro ride home. Normally, I would sleep, as my sister was already dozing off, but NO. It doesn’t work like that here.

In Dubai, when you’re sitting down in the woman’s section, the people standing are the most annoying creatures on the planet. They tower over you like they’re going to eat you, until you leave, so they can take your seat. During the whole time you’re sitting down, they’re giving you the stink eye, making sure you know how tired they are. If you so much as twitch your eye, they’ll literally throw themselves forward, just in case you get up. When you try to stand up, when you’ve arrived at your stop, the woman will rush behind you, and sit down, while you’re trying to get by. Then it looks like you were sitting on her lap.



That’s why I have a list of confessions that I’m pretty sure everyone has done at least once in their lifetime:

1/ Sometimes when I’ve arrived in my apartment building, I walk quickly to the elevator and close the doors before the person further behind me can enter. All this work so I don’t have to share the elevator.

2/ Sometimes on the bus, when there are no elderly, pregnant or handicapped people, I don’t give up my seat for anyone. If there are loads of empty seats on the bus and there’s an empty seat next to me, I put my bag on the seat so that no one can sit there.

3/ Sometimes when I’m waiting for the bathroom in a public area, if I was there first, I go first. Even if there’s a little girl that’s about to pee on herself next to me.

4/ Sometimes when I see someone that I know, that I don’t feel like saying hi to, I cross the street, just so that I don’t have to have eye contact and say a simple ‘hello’. 

5/ At sleepovers, I’m the first one to fall asleep. I don’t care how much fun we’re having, I love sleeping.

6/ When I’m having a night out with friends, I’m the first to leave. I love sleeping.

7/ I HATE small talk. I hate “hey. sup? nm wbu? nothing.” conversations on Facebook. I hate having useless, no point conversations, especially on Facebook chat.

8/ I don’t like asking people for directions, so I do everything I can to figure out where I’m going myself, even if there’s a guide with a map nearby. 

9/ Even if it’s someone I usually don’t mind talking to, I sometimes think, “Please don’t see me. Please don’t see me. Please don’t see me.” “HEEEEYYYYYY!!!” “UGH.”

Honestly, after reading this, you will be surprised when I tell you that I am one of the most sociable people you can meet. I make friends easily and quickly. It’s just that, when I’m not in the mood, I can be extremely unsociable. We all can be. But when you think about it, what harm will it do if you just stay on the same side of the street and say hello? What’s so bad about keeping the elevator open for the person behind you? (Even if they end up taking the stairs in the end so you’ve held it open for nothing.) What’s so bad about letting someone sit next to you, not even in your place?

The answer is NOTHING. It’s just that human beings are unsociable creatures. We don’t like each other.

But if we don’t even like ourselves, who will ?


5 thoughts on “The Unsociables

  1. When I’m just sitting and thinking and somebody I know comes up to me, I’ll start smiling so that they won’t ask what’s wrong and they’ll go away. I used to do it a lot more in highschool, but I think it’s just because people don’t approach me as much here in the US.

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