Wikipedia, Facebook & Skins

Good afternoon Internet socialites of the world. I have quite a few things to say today that I’ve been thinking about for the past week and a half: Wikipedia, Facebook etiquette and the new episode of Skins’ series 7 (SPOILER ALERT !).



Not a lot to say on this one, but I do have a question to ask everyone. Am I the only one who rolled their eyes when teachers used to tell me that “Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source, don’t use it in your essays” ? Give me one piece of information that isn’t correct on Wikipedia. That website has helped me do my homework so many times, it’s taught me so many things about celebrities, and it tells me exactly when my favorite TV show’s new episode comes out. Can GOOGLE do that ? NO. Google just gives me a bunch of websites to choose from, which include Wikipedia.

Teachers/parents say that we shouldn’t use Wikipedia because a wiki page is a website page that anyone can modify.

Let me tell you why that’s false. I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried numerous times to create a Wikipedia page for myself, but they didn’t let me. I’ve tried a hundred times to write Paul McCartney’s fourth wife is Zahra Louise-Julie but I couldn’t. I tried submitting my own information about Yoko Ono (that I googled somewhere), but Wikipedia didn’t publish it.

So basically, Wikipedia cannot really be edited, and even so, it is constantly reviewed and supervised by really smart people who know much more than we do.

Rude People on Facebook

I am getting sick and tired of people’s attitudes on Facebook. WHAT happened to calling someone to yell at them instead of writing a CAPS-lock filled hate message on their wall ? What’s the matter with people commenting on profile pictures saying, “Whoa, you gained weight!” or “What in the world are you wearing?” Facebook was meant to be a social networking site between college kids to keep in contact with each other. As it spread its networking to children as young and immature as 13 years old,  our Facebook friends’ mentalities have immatured as well.

I am not against Facebook, I prefer it much more than Tumblr and Twitter. I just find that people can be so rude and inconsiderate when they’re typing away behind a computer. When you see people writing, “RIP Cousin Alison” on their status and someone likes it, you’re thinking, “Why? What part exactly do you like in their status?”

People who argue on Facebook walls, supposedly “friends”, swearing at each other. Let’s say one of them has 500 friends and the other has 650 friends on Facebook. Are you completely aware of the fact that about 1150 people have access to your pathetic dispute?

I think it’s time we mature a bit. Social Networks are supposed to be places where you can share things that your real friends actually want to see and know about.

If you don’t know how to keep your dirty laundry in the basket, then don’t get a Facebook account!


SPOILER ALERT………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

I have been waiting for a year and a half for this new series of ‘Skins’ (UK) to come out!!! I was extremely excited when I finally got to watch it this morning. I enjoyed seeing two of my favorite characters ‘Effy’ and ‘Naomi’ on screen once again.
I loved the fact that Effy matured and was down to earth. Though she’s still her mischievous and smart self, I feel like I can relate to the older, office-working Effy this time.

I was slightly disappointed that there weren’t as many parties, memorable moments between characters and ‘bench scenes’ in this episode as there were in the previous series. It’s probably because the characters are supposed to be in their 20’s now. But ‘Skins’ without the original real, raw, heartbreaking young adult story lines isn’t really ‘Skins’.

I can’t wait for Naomi’s storyline to develop into something deep and meaningful, now that we know she has cancer. I sort of figured it out, because in every ‘Skins’series, someone always dies. I really hope that she doesn’t, but then again, this is the close-to-reality ‘Skins’ TV show we’re used to watching and usually, the happy endings only happen after tragedy strikes. I also can’t wait for Kathryn Prescott’s ‘Emily’ to finally appear. I love her character so much, and am pretty excited to see what’s going to happen with her storyline.

Hopefully next Monday’s brand new episode of ‘Skins Fire – part 2’ will feature some of my favorite ‘Skins’ reckless adventurous and lively thinking.


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