Côte d’Azur road trip with the girls !

As most of you may know, I recently went on a “road” trip with a group of girlfriends to Côte d’Azur (or French Riviera, in English).

The seven of us rented a beautiful apartment in Juan-Les-Pins about 3 minutes away from the beach, and 10 minutes away from down town. It was amazing !

We spent a few days strolling through the markets in Nice and eating delicious seafood, tanning at the beach in Cannes & Monaco and took beautiful pictures (to be posted soon).

However, I must say that living with six other girls for a week has taught me A LOT.

1/ MAKE SURE that everyone has the same budget. Another piece of advice that I’ll give you is never to depend on your credit card. Always make sure you take out the exact amount of cash you want before you get there. When you take out the cash, even if it’s a big amount, you can always hide it somewhere. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll find an ATM nearby.

2/ MAKE SURE that everyone knows what you’re doing, a day in advance. Because believe me, girls sleep in LATE. Especially after a long night on the town. They just sleep there, like… sleeping worms.

3/ IF you’re renting an apartment, make sure that everyone helps! Whether it’s cleaning, cooking or doing the laundry, it’s EVERYONE’s job to help. If one person decides not to do something, it inconveniences the whole group.

4/ DON’T bring anyone who’s known to be selfish. It always backfires on you. You’re always going to think they’ll change on the trip, or you’ll miss them if they don’t come, but here’s the thing: if they’re selfish, they’re SELFISH.

5/ GIRLS are annoying. We all are. And each girl (or guy) has a different upbringing, different family, different standards. Learn to accept different personalities.

6/ DIFFERENT personalities ≠ DISRESPECT. Don’t take it from anyone, no matter how close you are.

7/ DON’T complain when the guys whistle/make cat calls. When you go out with a group of girls, no matter how you’re dressed, you’ll always hear them scrubs hollering at you. Just ignore, don’t yell insults at them. Honestly, is it there fault that they think you’re beautiful ?

8/ TOO MANY girls kill the girls. There’s a French saying that says, “Trop de choses, tuent la chose.” Basically, it means that if you have too much of something, it ruins it. Having too many girls in one apartment may sound extremely fun, but it can also have a very stressful and negative impact on your vacation if you’re not careful.


This all may sound like I didn’t have much fun in French Riviera, but let me just clear this up: I had an AMAZING time with my best friends, including my sister. I would never have chosen a better place or moment to go. It’s just that when you live with someone for a week, you get to know that person very well and you see sides of them that you would have never noticed before.

But as long as you don’t let them get to you, it’ll be YOUR vacation. A vacation full of beautiful memories and places you’ll remember for the rest of your life :)


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