Lazy but Hungry ? Best recipe !

So you know those days when you wake up starving, or you come back from somewhere starving ? And you’re definitely not bothered to cook something ? Love chocolate, cinnamon, milk and cookies but feel like you can’t have them all ? Well now, YOU CAN !


You’ll need:

-A huge mug
-COLD milk
-A big spoon
-Cookie Crisp cereal (preferably kept in the fridge for at least 3 hours before)
-Oreo cookies

What to do:

1. Pour cereal into huge mug.
2. Add a pinch of cinnamon
3. Add 4 crumbled oreos (including the filling)
4. Add as much milk as you normally do
5. Mix everything with the big spoon.
6. Eat !
7. Thank me :)



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