Coups de Coeur !

Good afternoon World, and welcome to the “Coups de Coeur” blogpost of the month. (Yes, I just started this, this is the first one I’ve ever done and I plan to make one every month.) UPDATE: LOL so that never happened again.

Here are some really awesome stuff I discovered or took a look at in the past few weeks. Enjoy :)

La Música

A couple of weeks ago, one of my Twitter followers, @Craigforshort sent me a link to an original song, “Cali Blue” he made. I immediately fell in love with it, and hope you’ll like it too !

A friend of mine on Facebook, as well as a fellow student at my University, Johan (part of the band “Frères 2 Sample”), shared his original song “Respect” with me. I really liked their voices and the instrumental in the background.

La Mode

I love Autumn fashion because of its colors, diversity, and shapes and sizes. This Autumn 2013 however, I’m seeing more and more of what we now call “Sporty Chic”. And yes, you’ve guessed it – I’m lovin’ it like McDonald’s.

It’s basically a mix between sporty/athletic clothes (like hoodies, jogging pants, sneakers, beanies) and chic/dressy (like heels, statement jewelry, leather jackets).

Also, a few weeks ago, I just discovered what is now one of my FAVORITE stores ever: Brandy Melville.

I LOVE BRANDY MEDVILLE ! For so many reasons: their clothes are affordable, comfortable, one-size-fits-all, fashionable, and good quality. When you enter the store, (in Bellecour, Lyon at least) it’s like you stepped into someone’s room. The decoration is so cozy and home-looking, the clothes are folded on wooden chairs and desks and some are hanging from cloth hand-made hangers. The music is just beautiful: they play everything from Bob Marley to Radical Face to the Turtles. Even the changing rooms are well decorated.


And the best part ever: they even have one of those vintage photo booths from the 80’s, four amazing-quality black and white photos for 2 euros. WHAAAAAT.

Check out their website and see if they have a store near you in Europe or in the USA.

Follow them on Twitter: @brandy_eu or @BrandyUSA

Like their Facebook pages for USA or for Europe.


And finally, for those of you who are art lovers, I have a surprise for you: my brother Paul, professional artist, is now selling his artwork (and soon, hand-made jewelry!) on his brand new website:

Here’s a sneak peak from his “Midsummer” collection. Make sure you tell him what you think below !



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