Letter to a Bully

Dear Bully,

When I was younger, much younger, someone taught me the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” I think we all know what this means, but we all know it’s not true. Of course your words hurt me.
You insulted me anonymously, numerous times, on a public website. You wanted a response ? Here it is.

First of all, let’s take a look at you. Because this is about you really, not me. You desperately wanted me to answer you, by posting on Ask.Fm four times. Then you saw that I deleted your questions, because honestly, I’m in university now. I don’t have time for your frivolous idiotic, misspelled insults. So then, you harrassed me again, writing five more comments. Insults are the last resort of insecure people with a crumbling position of trying to appear confident.

Now tell me, what are you trying to prove ? By posting five different times anonymously, are you trying to show me that five different people hate me ? Or is it just your schizophrenic personality showing ?

How does that make you look ?

Then let’s take a look at what you wrote. You have the audacity to write on MY Ask.Fm, making so many grammar mistakes, that I actually had to figure out if you passed Middle School. But we’ll talk about Middle School later :)
So you called me a monkey. Well thank you ! I love monkeys, they’re actually my favorite animals because they’re smart, they’re cute and they’re hilarious. Then you called me a b*tch. Ouch, a bit harsher I see, because you needed to get my attention. Why am I a b*tch ? According to you, it’s because I deleted your “mean comments”. AHA. So you know what you wrote was mean. Then you call me a wh*re. It’s nice to know that you have an imagination that goes beyond degrading female insults but your opinion doesn’t define who I am.

But here’s the thing I don’t understand. If you want to hurt me so bad, why write it anonymously ? If you’re not “shy to ask me questions”, why post it in such a way that I can’t figure out who’s behind the computer ? Because this is what you look like to the rest of the world:
A big-mouthed coward, who’s not very bright, who’s taught maybe five of her “friends” to insult some random girl she met in Middle School.

Yes, Middle School. Dear Bully, I don’t know about you, but I’m in University now. I don’t have the time to reflect on the days where you stuffed your bra and pretended to pop pills by swallowing tic-tacs.

About two years ago, you told me a few things, that I’d like to respond to.

1/ I can’t sing. There will always be jealous people like you to knock people down like me who are actually doing more with their mouths than talking boldly and getting it on with boys (I had to edit that one because we both know what I’m talking about). I sing because it’s my passion, it’s my dream, and it makes me happy. I don’t sing for YOU. I don’t even sing for fame. I sing because I am grateful for the voice God gave me and in NO WAY will I degrade myself by using it to “wh*re” myself out like you do.

2/ Nobody loves me. What are you, in 1st grade ? “Nobody wuvs you Zawa.” Because I started off by being technical, I’m not going to stop. I have three grandparents, two parents, two sisters, two brothers, one niece, dozens of cousins, three aunts, six uncles, a boyfriend, two best friends, five pretty-close friends, a cat, thirteen fish, a dozen regular friends and a mighty God who love me :)

3/ Nobody cares about what I have to say. Then why have 28, 818 people read my blog in the past year ? Why did 215 people take the time to read my blog posts in the past two days ? Why ? Because I have a voice.

But here’s the biggest question that I’d like to ask YOU (since you’ve had your turn to “ask” me things) :

How does it make you feel ? How does bullying make you feel ? How does it feel to look up an old classmate on Facebook, notice she’s not friends with you, find out what her Ask.Fm is, harrass her and bully her ? How does it feel ? Do you feel good, deep inside ? Do you feel good behind your screen, reading this post with fury ?

We’ve talked about the past, we’ve talked about the present. Let’s talk about the future.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years ? I know where I see myself. I see myself as a successful English teacher in a French school overseas, having recorded a few albums, married to a man who loves me, with a few children of mine.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years ? I see you, still behind that computer (or maybe technology would have advanced by then), furiously clicking through my wedding pictures, pictures of my concerts, pictures of my articles in magazines, pictures of my children. While you sit behind that screen, with your computer, a cigarette in your hand, divorced twice, wondering what in the WORLD are you still stalking Zahra L-J for.

The thing is, bullies don’t understand that WE, the ones you bully, are stronger than you think. We are successful, we are achievers, we are dreamers, we are strong. You can’t possibly be happy with what you are. And if I ended up like those beautiful young girls Amanda Todd or Rebecca Sedwick, who ended their lives after being bullied by creatures like you, if I ended up like them, would you HONESTLY be satisfied with yourself ?

I think not. I am strong, I am proud, I am beautiful, I am talented, I am smart, I am successful, I am happy. And you’re just a sad, little cyber bully, stuck on Middle School problems, trying desperately to get my attention.

Well there you’ve had it, you’ve had your attention, in front of 28,818 other people, you’ve gotten your reply.


Zahra L-J and every other person who’s so bored of your bullying.


If you’re being bullied or know someone who’s being bullied, you can visit one of the following websites for help. Remember kids aren’t the only victims of bullying.





10 thoughts on “Letter to a Bully

  1. Good for you, Zahra, for speaking up for all of us who have endured this horror! We need to continue to pray for these pitiful bullies and cowards who are themselves victims of low self-esteem, inner rage, uncontrolled jealousy and no ambition. As Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in the Rebecca Sedwick case, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!”

  2. I am so very proud of you Zahra. And you are right, I love you, your mother loves you, your siblings, grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunties and a host of other people love you to. But as you said so beautifully, God, our perfect creator loves you. You are our sunshine, our beautiful flower and you are and will always be “My princess”.


  3. hilarious.
    honestly, i find it funny if someone takes the time to insult me or harass me in any way. that is always jealousy and i must be doing something right ~_~
    keep doing what you’re doing, being happy is the best/most satisfying way to kill the haters.
    i happened upon your blog and i like it, keep it up

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