Types of College Teachers

Hey, hey and welcome back to my blog. I haven’t written in a while because I’ve had Midterms, insomnia and bronchitis. Fun.
Speaking of midterms, I’m here to tell you that teachers are weird. You know how awkward it is when you see them outside of the school building. Matter of fact, outside of a classroom. Well have you ever wondered why ? Because they are awkward.

1. Mr. Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
This is the teacher that wasn’t there on the first day of class, or the past two months. He puts up his semester program on your university’s website, sends his students homework by email… but you’ve (probably) never seen him before. How is he a teacher ? Why don’t we have hologram teachers yet ?

2. Ms. If I was Your Best Friend
On the first day of class, she boldly said, “I don’t take attendance, you guys don’t have to come to my class if you don’t feel like it.” She’s a really awesome teacher, because she isn’t stupid. Because of that one statement, which may seem irresponsible on her part, nobody ever skips her class.

3. Mr. This is why I’m Divorced
This teacher is the one who cracks a joke, waits for the class to laugh, repeats it, waits, repeats it, and laughs alone. He always wears the same clothes, and looks as if he needs a hug. BUT one day, he decides to yell at the whole class. Yes, he is bipolar. One day he’s laughing by himself, the next day, he hates all of his students. He usually gives you the most overrated assignments. Like, “Why is Facebook bad ? 500 words.”

4. Mrs. What Happened to Her Hair ?
There’s always that one teacher. What in the world happened to her hair ? Why did she think it was a good idea to dye her hair orange-yellow, forgetting her black roots?

5. Mr. Hot Intellectual
When he was a kid, he was probably bullied for being such a smarty-pants. But oh how his eyes shine when he talks about Shakespeare. Oh how he smells like a mix of intelligence and One Million perfume. But oh, if he hadn’t given you such a good grade, would he still be so cute?

6. Mr. Has a Wikipedia Page
At first, you’re skeptical, so you wonder how he created his own Wikipedia page without it getting deleted (because you’ve tried before). But then you realize that he’s graduated from every University in life and he’s actually pretty important. To everyone else except for you.

7. Mr. One-Man Show
Having a  bad day ? Just go to class. He’s funny without trying to be. He’s usually that one teacher with the weird accent. Maybe that’s why he’s so funny?

8. Ms. Sluuuuut
Why doesn’t she just have class with the three boys in the back ? They’re the only ones she sees anyway. Because she’s so young, she thinks it’s cool to have inside jokes with her male students. Um, no dear, it’s just tacky.

9. Mr. LGBT/Minority
This one isn’t weird, it’s just something I’ve noticed. Watch your favorite TV shows, and you’ll see that there’s either an LGBT or black/hispanic/indian character. In college, you’ll have at least one gay/lesbian teacher. Or you’ll have at least one black teacher. Because if you don’t, you’re actually allowed to complain and say that your University is racist/homophobic. So that’s why you have at least one politically correct teacher. Mind = Blown.

Am I right ? Do you have weird teachers ? Write a comment below !



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