Real Celebrity Scoop

You know what I’m tired of ? Celebrities being photographed in their red carpet attire, singing on stage or on the set of their new film.
We see so many perfect, almost superhuman pictures of them, that we end up dehumanizing them in our minds.


We forget they’re ordinary people like us. So here’s a list of things I really want to know about our favorite celebrities !

1. What does BeyoncΓ©’s breath smell like in the morning ?

2. Does Ellen miss turkey on Thanksgiving ?

3. Do the Kardashians know what their camera men’s names are ?

4. How does Perez find the time to blog/tweet about everything, every two minutes.

5. Does Ellen tweet during her talk show ?

6. Where is Justin Bieber’s mom and why hasn’t she given him a spanking for all of his ridiculous tattoos.

7. Is North West really called North or is this all a big misunderstanding that will be cleared up when she’s old enough to talk ?

8. Where have you gone, Ashton Kutcher ? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Whoo-hoo-hoo.

9. Why aren’t ‘Lily and Marshall’ from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ married in real life ?

10. Who stole Miley’s pants ?

11. Who’s the bright guy responsible for theΒ  “50 shades of Grey” movie (which I predict will be terrible)?

12. Do celebrities have secret Facebook accounts just for their friends ? Maybe I should’ve accepted Young Money Billionaire’s friend request after all.

13. Does Taylor Swift pick her nose sometimes ?

14. Why do celebrities even bother cheating on their partners ? Everyone knows about it before they do.

15. Do the teletubby actors watch “The Teletubbies” with their kids ?



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