A World of Mean Girls

Even the kindest girl you know can be mean. Women are born with that streak of attitude, that drop (or fountain for some) of mean, condescending b*tchiness. I call it as it is: girls are MEAN and it has to stop !

Where does this come from ? Even the closest friends are horrible to each other but don’t worry, they’re “just kidding”. Are they ? Here’s a list of things that many many girls are guilty of. Note: All examples are based on women I’ve been friends with or currently know.


1. We are hypocrites

God, raise your hand if you’ve ever told a girl that you absolutely love her dress. But it’s the most hideous thing you’ve ever seen. Why do we do that ? Why can’t we just say that it’s ugly ? And when Clarissa is getting on your nerves, why don’t you just tell her, instead of pretending you like her ?

2. We are condescending

Because we are insecure. Can someone tell me what’s the point of telling me I have a pimple on my nose ? Don’t you think I cried enough in the mirror frantically trying every concealer possible ? Are you doing me a favor ? No ? Then shut up.

3. We are gossipers

Yes, it’s fun to talk about how that girl Megan you hate now has a unibrow. But honestly,  why do we gossip about everyone and everything ? If we know something about someone, no matter how embarrassing it is, why do we spread it around ? Your friend Diana told you her deepest secret, so then you told your best friend Lucy. But did you think that Lucy would keep it for herself ? Well, she only told her best friend Ashley who told her best friend Miranda who told Tom that boy from Algebra II who told Kevin who’s friends with Betty who told her mom the principal. And then you wonder why the principal now hates Diana.

4. We are show-offs

Your friend is a dancer and she’s about to perform in front of a lot of people. Just because you’re a dancer too doesn’t mean that you should ask her if you can dance too, solo on top of that. What is the matter with you ? Can’t you dance at your own recital ? Geez.

5. We play dumb

Because it’s cool. NO. It’s not. Back in middle school, it was lame to be smart. Sitting at the back, chatting with our friends, not doing our homework, in COLLEGE, is NOT okay ! Now that you’re working for yourself and there are no parents to nag you, if you fail and your friends pass, they will not care. You’ll be sad and hate the world and then next year sit in the same class with younger kids.

6. We insult each other

Because it’s how we show our love. But if you love your friend, why would you call her “slut”, “fatty”, “wh*re”… the list goes on.  Like honestly, how dare you ?

7. We are drama queens

We are all drama queens in our own little ways but when you meet my friends for the first time and you immediately start telling them about the anti-depressants you take,  your cheating ex-boyfriends, your divorced parents, and your anxiety attacks, it’s time for you to get counseling. And then I see your happy Facebook statuses and profile pictures… just don’t. Take your drama, and put it back where you found it – at Jersey shore.

8. We are vicious little flirts

Did you think I didn’t notice you pulling down your shirt in front of my boyfriend ? Touching his hands when you talk to him ? Asking about him everytime you see me ? Laugh uncontrollably in front of him ? Call him your best friend ?
Okay HELLO. You met him two months ago. You’re single, all your friends are guys because “girls are so dramatic” and you’re best friends with anything that can give you attention. NO. Get off my man, you leech.

9. We have so much money

Actually your dad does. Why do you tell me my clothes/make-up/boyfriend’s cheap when you don’t have a job ? When you buy 100 dollar jeans with your parents’ money ? How dare you tell me that I should wear real-gold jewelry because it’s lame to wear metal? Are you paying me for that? Do you know what a job is ? No, making up your bed doesn’t count.

10. We love everybody

Don’t squeal “I love you” after every conversation we have.  No, we don’t love each other, we’re not a couple. If I don’t say I love you back, it’s a hint – I don’t love you, really. And if I do, you would know so.

I know many of you are gonna say I’m bitter, I’m exaggerating and that boys are the same. But let’s be logical here: I’m a woman, not a man. If I wrote a blog most about ten mean things that girls do, it’s because I know what I’m talking about, and deep down inside you do too.

Let’s just all make an effort and be genuinely nice to each other so that none of us get accidentally run over by a bus like Regina George in Mean Girls.



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