Happy New Year 2014 !

Hello everyone ! It’s been a while but before I explain where I have been, I would like to wish you all a very happy new year, full of love, real friendship, family memories, bucket lists being checked off, health and happiness.


I feel extremely blessed to have been able to come visit my mother’s side of the family in London ! I’ve been eating Carribean food, Christmas food and English food. I’ve been spoilt with really beautiful gifts (and money) so I will definitely be starting 2014 in a very fashionable way.

As far as I can remember, most people I know have been coming up with New Years resolutions each new year. Some decide to go on strict diets anf gym routines, control their anger or working harder. But most of them forget about these decisions by the time January’s over. That’s why I never had New Years resolutions – I’ve seen too many people break them.

However this year, I feel like it’s going to be different – like it’s my year. So I made a few New Years resolutions that I plan on sticking to all year round.

#1. Make more time for myself

I realized that I haven’t had any time for myself since June 2013. I mean I’ve spent every waking hour with friends, in class, studying or at work. But ever since I’ve been here in London, I’ve had much more time on my own. I’ve been able to think about a lot of important dreams and goals I have (usually while taking a bubble bath and listening to the Beatles).

This year, I’m going to make more time for myself and enjoy my own company.

#2. Keep the negativity out of my life

To put things simply: I’ve wasted too much time with people I now consider behind me. All those mean girls are beneath me. I will immediately cut off anyone who disrespects me, annoys me or tries to bring drama into my life. Life is too short to pretend I’m friends with selfish people.

#3. Learn how to do something new

I’ll learn how to horseback ride, surf, hike, paint or cook Chinese food as long as it’s anything I’ve never done before. There are so many things to discover in life so if I don’t try now, I never will !

#4. Travel to a country I’ve never been to

This summer, I plan on going to Ethiopia. But if I can, I’ll go to Asia, South America or Eastern Europe before 2015. There are so many beautiful countries, cultures and faces to see in this world. I can’t just stay in my comfortable bubble.

These things may be quite easy to achieve but the point of having New Years resolutions isn’t to challenge yourself. Itโ€™s to make you a better person, the best you – that only you can be.

New year, new start, new memories, new life.



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